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Mike was up this week…Good message bro!

  • We want to welcome those watching live in Romania.
  • Without action we cannot go where HE has called us to go.
  • What’s hairy, has four legs, and hides its legs in the winter? JESUS – The answer is always Jesus.
  • As a Christ follower we are called to respect our leadership. We are called to prayer for our leadership.
  • God’s people should be big-hearted and courteous.
  • Give yourself a check-up from the neck-up and see where your attitude is.
  • If you’re an algebra nut you’re going to love this message.
  • We are to be salt. Salt elevates your thirsty. It is what makes a person want what we got. It’s potent.
  • Salt is worthless when it is in the salt-shaker.
  • You can’t be in close proximity to God unless you are in the gutter.
  • We haven’t learned to clearly communicate because we haven’t learned to communicate with God.
  • Salty, lit-up, sitting on your duff – just coming here on Sunday mornings is simply not enough. Today is about action.
  • There is nothing else in your life that has more potential than going into the gutter. But are you willing to take a risk?