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Mike was up this week…Good message bro!

  • We want to welcome those watching live in Romania.
  • Without action we cannot go where HE has called us to go.
  • What’s hairy, has four legs, and hides its legs in the winter? JESUS – The answer is always Jesus.
  • As a Christ follower we are called to respect our leadership. We are called to prayer for our leadership.
  • God’s people should be big-hearted and courteous.
  • Give yourself a check-up from the neck-up and see where your attitude is.
  • If you’re an algebra nut you’re going to love this message.
  • We are to be salt. Salt elevates your thirsty. It is what makes a person want what we got. It’s potent.
  • Salt is worthless when it is in the salt-shaker.
  • You can’t be in close proximity to God unless you are in the gutter.
  • We haven’t learned to clearly communicate because we haven’t learned to communicate with God.
  • Salty, lit-up, sitting on your duff – just coming here on Sunday mornings is simply not enough. Today is about action.
  • There is nothing else in your life that has more potential than going into the gutter. But are you willing to take a risk?


In true Tony Morgan fashion – I thought I would apply the same fun recap of the message for those of you that didn’t catch some of the stuff Pastor Bryson said today…

  • I’m here for a haircut.
  • I LOVE THIS CHURCH – You guys are unbelievable.
  • It’s so much fun to bless people and show them God’s kindness.
  • GracePoint WOMEN – you rock.
  • Men, don’t send your wife into the gutter unless you are ready to go with them.
  • The world looks at the church and says “these people are just about judging. We’re here to turn that mentality around.
  • We want to religious, holier than thou people to hate our guts…because those are the same people who hated Jesus.
  • David makes Bill Clinton look like an altar boy.
  • The Savior of all humanity – the only sinless person to walk this earth – had a murderer and prostitute n his genealogy. His genealogy ran through the red light district. his genealogy runs through the gutter.
  • We are called to love them and not judge them.
  • Jesus and compassion go hand in hand.
  • If you haven’t gone to the gutter then you haven’t fully gone to Christ.
  • I want my kids to experience the gutter.
  • Unconditional love changes lives.

My kid is a stud.

This is being shown on Sunday morning…

Yeah he is a good actor!

Coming up

GracePoint INK

GP INK - coming September 7th

I am so excited for our next series at GracePoint. I have been waiting on this one for a long time and I think it is going to be huge. By now about 40,000 of our neighbors should have received a postcard in the mail inviting them to the experiences starting September 7th. We realize everyone has a story – and all of our lives have been marked by something. The question for all of us is “what marks your life?” This message series is going to highlight some of the REAL stories of people who have had their lives inked by man, but transformed bu God. We have some cool things planned for this series – it’s gonna be good!

Sunday Set-list

Crazy service on Sunday – videos will be up soon. You will HAVE to check them out. We ended our I Love the 80s series right – with a few songs from the era that really rocked the faces off of music.

ADDICTED TO LOVE (yep with the black dresses girls too!)
SWEET CHILD OF MINE (Slash and Axel made a guest appearance)

It was a great day to be at GP!

I am excited for this …

I Love the 80s

I Love the 80s

You know I was born in ’79 – was just a kid in the 80s, but I remember a lot of stuff. Maybe it was because it was an unforgettable era. Regardless, I am pretty excited for an upcoming series at GracePoint starting this Sunday called – I LOVE THE 80s. One of the things I have learned at GracePoint and working in the creative arts department is that there are some folks in our band that can really rock the 80s songs – so needless to say it’s gonna be good.

Here is our promo video for the series. I encourage you to forward this on to your friends and invite them to this series.

Or you can check out this little preview over on the virb site.

Sunday Set-list

We Shine – Fee
Break Free – United
No One Like You – Crowder
Your Grace is Enough – Tomlin
Love You Till The End – The Pogues

The band did great. The tech team did awesome. Bryson preached a great message. The FIT crew did an amazing job with making the front of the house and lobby awesome. It was a great day. Check us out next week!


One of GracePoint’s most anticipated series of the year is starting this week – AT THE MOVIES. We are pumped and have been working hard on some of the different elements surrounding the series. This is a great chance to invite your friends and family to church as we are using pop culture to share timeless truths. If you have invited everyone you possibly know to church already – join us on Friday night at the Wingnuts game for the Edge of Grace concert after the game and tailgate party before the game. Let’s show Wichita love and invite them to a place where they connect to a living and awesome God!

Owen on stage…

As promised (primarily for my fam…) here is a picture of Owen on stage. He’s a pretty cute kid.

Sunday debrief

One of the things I like about my position at GracePoint is the fact that I work with a team of individuals that help make the stuff on Sunday morning happen. Our goal is to make those “things” happen well. I like the Sundays where we are able to see the problems, fix them, and execute an experience where the average Steve (Joe is an over-used name) leaves thinking the service was flawless. I like to think of this process as proof to how God uses our gifts to make the church run.

Today was one of those days where we were able to identify problems and fix them – some sooner than others, but as I shut the door to my Explorer on my way home I thought to myself “Today was a great day”. So here are my highlights in no particular order.

  1. It was one of those Sundays where the music was “fun”. I even broke out of my shell a bit and danced on stage – just wait for the real moves one day. To get a complete set-list check out this virb site (thanks Ronnie for updating this).
  2. Owen came up on stage with me for the announcements. He did good. Maybe I will post a pic later on this week.
  3. Craig Groeshel from brought the message. He is by far one of the best communicators I have ever heard. Hilarious!
  4. Had an awesome lunch after church. Diakonos Brotherhood ministries provided it in honor of the dad’s. It was one of the best opportunities for community we have had at GracePoint in a while. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to people I only see in passing on the weekends. It was great.
  5. I realized how awesome it is to be a part of this church.