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“My heart is turned over within Me, All My compassions are kindled.”Hosea 11:8

O, that our hearts would be turned over, that our lovelessness would be toppled, our hard-heartedness shattered, and our coldness melted by the compassions of God Himself!

O, to love You as you are, to love righteousness, justice, and compassion, and to love human souls as You do! Give us Your own love, Lord. Catch us up in Your heart, and enable us to be an expression of Your Son in this generation, that our sons and daughters might see your majesty.


A Good Idea …

I wish I had one right now – I do have a few things I am chewing on, but ran across this definition today that is pretty good. The folks over at Brand Autopsy, brought it to us today

This definition is remarkable in its brevity and clarity. You might also agree …

“A really good idea is simple, unexpected and relevant. And it unites extremes: it should risk a lot but nevertheless be easy to implement. Everyone should talk about it, but existing customers should not be irritated by it.”

Nadja Schnetzler
co-founder, BrainStore
source: THE IDEA MACHINE (Wiley, 2005, pg. 56)