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Been Quiet…

My blog is a seasonal blog – more of a portal anymore for people to come check up on myself or my family. I have a lot of thoughts – some I share out loud, some I keep to myself, and occasionally I will post them here.

God has really started breaking my heart for those that live in extreme poverty….in my own “backyard”. This weekend I was part of a team that created a project at my church called Servolution – a day of serving our community. God showed up. He helped others in the church understand what He sees when He sees our community. We are hearing countless stories of how God made a difference …

God has been doing so much in my life. He is proving Himself faithful to me. I know He is in control, but it doesn’t mean I am not scared. I fear a lot of things. Fear brings doubt. Doubt brings the anxiety. Then I pray that I will be disciplined to take every thought captive and sometimes it is like I just forget about it all.

There is not much to update on Rachel. She still has pain occasionally. She still has weird vision loss. She still struggles with why this has happened. Today we made our 3-month follow-up appointment with the doctor in St. Louis. We were told we would know the research by today, but we don’t. We will be headed back to St. Louis in November. Then and there, we may hear the news. Until then, we will follow-up with a doctor here, and just continue to wait.


Uncontacted tribe located

The story posted on Survival International‘s website today gives the low-down. Pretty cool for missionaries – but sad for others.