Getting back into the swing of this blogging thing is going to be tough…part of my goals for next year (we’ll see).

So in good ole’ fashioned tradition – I will share some of my THURSDAY THOUGHTS…

  • Excited for the possibilities in the new year. Excited for the changes too….More on that later (I promise).
  • Owen likes to sit on our porch when one of us leave. He will wave and then start to yell “bye daddy! bye daddy!”… today I kept the window down longer than usual and when I got to the end of the block I could still hear him screaming “BYE DADDY!”…That is pretty cool.
  • Planning on reading the Bible through in a year – but mixing it up some…reading it in chronological order…Looks like Cody Knutson is too..I guess we can keep each other accountable.
  • Ran across this today. It’s pretty cool/clever.
  • I got Wisps in my stocking this year…from my wife and my mother…are they trying to tell me something?
  • I got Chicken in a Bisket crackers too…I like those.
  • It’s weird when a person walks up to your porch and then leaves…maybe he realized he got the wrong house…I hope.
  • You know something else that is weird? THIS – no that is NOT his hair, it is a tattoo.
  • My wife is blogging…visit her page often and tell her to write more stuff…she is good at it.
  • This band is good.

Wishing you a happy new year! You guys rock!


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