Monthly Archives: December 2009


Getting back into the swing of this blogging thing is going to be tough…part of my goals for next year (we’ll see).

So in good ole’ fashioned tradition – I will share some of my THURSDAY THOUGHTS…

  • Excited for the possibilities in the new year. Excited for the changes too….More on that later (I promise).
  • Owen likes to sit on our porch when one of us leave. He will wave and then start to yell “bye daddy! bye daddy!”… today I kept the window down longer than usual and when I got to the end of the block I could still hear him screaming “BYE DADDY!”…That is pretty cool.
  • Planning on reading the Bible through in a year – but mixing it up some…reading it in chronological order…Looks like Cody Knutson is too..I guess we can keep each other accountable.
  • Ran across this today. It’s pretty cool/clever.
  • I got Wisps in my stocking this year…from my wife and my mother…are they trying to tell me something?
  • I got Chicken in a Bisket crackers too…I like those.
  • It’s weird when a person walks up to your porch and then leaves…maybe he realized he got the wrong house…I hope.
  • You know something else that is weird? THIS – no that is NOT his hair, it is a tattoo.
  • My wife is blogging…visit her page often and tell her to write more stuff…she is good at it.
  • This band is good.

Wishing you a happy new year! You guys rock!



So – here we are…almost to the end of 2009. It is most definitely a year that both Rachel and I will never EVER forget. We definitely have a lot to celebrate together and we are both very excited to start a new year. We have new goals, expectations, hopes, and dreams. We have learned a lot both about faith and about life in general.

Our kid talks, he carries on conversations, and he has developed a very unique personality – a very good mix of both Rachel and I. He does his business on the toilet like a normal person, knows his letters, numbers, and is starting to spell and read.

There are some changes starting in January that I am excited about. There are some challenges too.

Thank you for being our friends. For your kind words through all that we went through this year. For your prayers. For your jokes. For your food  (which you can still bring over if you want).

So from all of us at the Johnson house – we are praying that this new year will be one of favor and prosperity for all of you!