Hospital Thoughts [from Rachel]

Rachel's big smile (and little eye)

Rachel's big smile (and little eye)

Rachel posted some thoughts on her Facebook page tonight, so I thought it would be better to have her share tonight than me. We go into surgery to remove the eye plaque at 7:30 in the morning…We are very hopeful that the plaque has destroyed the tumor and we will anxiously await for the test results on the biopsy that was taken when the plaque was inserted. The biopsy itself was an interesting procedure that we haven’t talked much about. The doctor essentially cut a flap on her eye and was able to remove a small piece of the tumor via needle. The flap was then closed and the plaque was placed on the eye. This could not take place before the surgery as it would allow the possibility for the tumor to spread rapidly. It is better to do it at the time of the initial surgery because immediately after the biopsy, the tumor and exposed area from the biopsy would receive a pretty high dose of radiation. So, in the words of the radiologist, “if the little booger wanted to spread, it was going to have a pretty tough fight to do so.” Anyways, we should receive some very preliminary results tomorrow or Wednesday, but will have to wait for about a month to recieve the information that we really are looking for.

St. Louis trip- August 2009- worst vacation ever.
(Although- Terry is probably the best person to be with to keep me entertained.)

I miss Owen- a lot. His birthday is Friday. He will be 3- and can have anything he wants.

To describe my eye- it is very pokey. Like having a bunch of thorns or splinters in it. Not comfortable at all. And it is like the worst vision ever when they take the patches off.
I have a lead shield on top of the eye patch- it is very bulky and keeps blocking my breathing.

I am not nervous about surgery #2 to remove the plaque (tomorrow 8/18 @ 7:30am)- I want it out now! But pray it all goes well- we are praying for a good report on the biopsy and are not sure if we will know much tomorrow or not. And a fast recovery would be nice.

I have watched a lot of Food Network & HGTV this week- currently watching A&E- I might take a long break from TV very soon.
A room down the hall has two big flat screen TVs- ours has two 9″ and the one by my bed is so blurry. I think the medical staff is messing with me since I already look like a pirate.

I think the hospital staff comes in just to look at me. The radioactive signs on the door are intriguing. I would want to look.

I am a big supporter of good nurses- we have had a few really awesome nurses.
I am not a fan of bad nurses- how did you forget my pain medication? I told you I was in pain. (I guess if I stand in my doorway nude- they might pay better attention).

If you didn’t already get the memo- the specialist we have here sends his assistant- a much younger doctor- to check in every day. He talks to us as if we should already know all of the information regarding this treatment and then tries to dumb it down for us. He has bad bed side manners. A warning before you rip tape off someone’s face is always appreciated. If I could- I would to sew bobbed wire into his eye socket and then put duct tape on his face and rip it off without warning for my exam. I would also trim all of his eye lashes off and then reassure him they will grow back just fine. That is just me. And I don’t think it will happen.

We are at the end of the hall- and are basically low maintenance. Just vital and pain meds every few hours- so it kind of bothers me to think that if there was an emergency that they might actually ignore me.

Terry is very interested in the bed pan shower thingy discovered today in our bathroom. I think I might find him trying to use to wash his clothes or something.

I have been Christmas shopping for my family this week. Well actually- Christmas looking. I mean- how awesome would it be to be done with Christmas shopping before the end of August. It would also be nice to get everything shipped to my house and not have to actually go shopping. The only problem- I never know what to get anyone. Suggestions welcomed.

I have the best In-Laws ever. They offered to take Owen the day we got the date and have made this trip easier. I even got a bag of goodies to keep me busy.

I also have the best life group (huge goody basket), friends (best bag of magazines, loaned DVDs, and goodies like socks & hand sanitizer), and caring Dinner Swap group (gift cards and meals this month and I didn’t have to make any). And a few churches around the world who are offering help, encouragement, and prayers- specifically GP, AUMC, & CRFBC. A big shout out to all of the people who have surrounded us with love and prayers- including our family & friends from around the globe who have sent their encouragement.

Oh- and to Mike & Tim- Revelation Remodeling- they built a deck on the back of our house. Seriously- a deck- just like the one we wanted for our landscaping plan- just to say they love us. Thanks to them and their awesome families. We will have you over sometime when everything settles down. How do you really say thank you for that?

(Wow- this turned into an Academy Award speech- we just have so many people who have lifted us up!) So to all of our fans…THANK YOU!!!!

I will be very ready for my own bed and to see friends and family. It is weird being away from everyone. When Owen was born we had an unhealthy stream of visitors. I would like that now…it is lonely after a few days.

Please keep praying. We will be back in STL every 3 months for follow up appointments. At this point we are praying that this treatment is successful and that the tumor is destroyed. We are also praying that the melanoma is not an aggressive form and that with continued screening we will not have to deal with it spreading at any point. And for my vision- to be restored.

We do believe God is with us. And although it is hard to not have questions and doubts- we believe God will lead us through this. There is a reason right? I mean I would not have even gone to the eye doctor and known about this- but I did and now we are praying for God to move.

My thoughts turned mushy- not as funny as Terry. Just know- Terry gets some of his from me!

MUCH LOVE -*Rachel

Terry is excited to be home soon.

Terry is excited to be home soon.

Owen's excited for his parents to be home...and to turn 3 on Friday!!!

Owen's excited for his parents to be home...and to turn 3 on Friday!!!


One thought on “Hospital Thoughts [from Rachel]

  1. Mike says:

    Rachel, you need to start your own blog. Your post was much more creative and innovative than your husbands. I’m getting the idea that you must be his ghost writer.

    Looking forward to having you both back in Wichita.
    Terry, don’t go falling in love with St. Louis.

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