update – random thoughts

Not much has changed with Rachel. She can open her eye a little when the doctor comes in. It doesn’t look pretty, but is definitely looking better than it did right after her surgery. Rachel didn’t feel well earlier today, but the nausea has kind of subsided for now. We were able to watch the services from our church back home on the internet. It was pretty powerful to watch. We wish we could have been there! I want to say “way to go!” to all of those that took the step to be baptized….nearly 150 in just two weeks….simply amazing!

Since there is not much new news, I thought I would share some random thoughts with you. Some I have already shared, while others probably not.

  • This hospital lets you order food from a menu whenever you are hungry. It is like room service at a hotel. It is nice that we are not just given a plate, that there is a choice…the menu had an item “Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s famous brownies” so we got them, thinking they were awesome…they weren’t. Tasted like they were made from a package…famous? doubtful.
  • I have been walking around trying to run into the rabbi here. I seriously would love to sit down with him over lunch or for a while to ask him some questions that I think only a Jewish Rabbi could answer…maybe I will see him, but then I might get too nervous to talk to him.
  • The shower in our room is disgusting. It makes the roadside gas station in Mulvane look nice…Crazy how much dirt and grime is around the door to the shower and how this is supposed to be a sanitary place.
  • The lady in the room next to us finds that it is okay to stand in the doorway completely naked and yell for the nurse. We can hear the nurse bell go off in her room about every 15-20 minutes. I think the nurses are ready to get her off the floor.
  • Rachel and I went for a walk today…up and down the hall…we request that those on this floor should have signs telling us what they are in for…we are just nosey. There is this one room that I want to know what they are doing here…my hypochondria is kind of getting to me.
  • Imo’s famous pizza was not very good.
  • Rachel is freezing cold because her side of the room is the side with AC vent…I am sweating most of the time – I thought it was just because I was fat, but then I realized that there is no air flow in my corner of the room…ridiculous.
  • I saw a catastrophe cleaning service here last night…probably about 50 workers…did I miss something?
  • I really like St. Louis. I could live here.
  • Rachel had a really long conversation in her sleep last night…It lasted for like 20 minutes…she just kept talking and talking and talking. Just about normal stuff, cooking, shopping, etc. It was pretty cute.
  • Her bed inflates and deflates. It sits up and lays down. Mine feels like they threw a sleeping bag on a piece of metal, so I keep thinking I will ask Rachel to rub my back and then I realize – she has a gold plate behind her eye – she is much more uncomfortable than me…so it got us thinking…they really need a little massage kiosk in the hospital rather than the mall…
  • I think it would be cool if the new church building had a soft-serve ice cream machine in it…just saying.
  • This part of the hospital is really quiet on the weekend…I am thinking about going to hang out in the emergency room later…but then I don’t want to get swine flu…I think the lady down the hall has swine flu…not the one next door, the one that is like 3 doors down. I don’t know but that is what I believe.

2 thoughts on “update – random thoughts

  1. Ronnie says:

    Soft-serve sounds great!

    Glad to hear that Rachel is doing well.

  2. codyknutson says:

    If you want to see the rabbi here is what you do…go down or up to the OB/Labor Delivery Suite of the hospital…listen for crying…there should be a dad shaking his head in remorse…then simply look for the knife wielding bearded guy…he is probably not the oldest and wisest of rabbis, he is the “new” guy but he should be able to answer your questions.

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