Rachel Update: Day Four

Today has been a long day. At times very boring. Since Rachel is confined to this floor, there is not much we are able to do. We woke up early this morning, mainly because she had trouble sleeping. I walked down the street for some breakfast and coffee for her. Rachel has not been eating too much, when she does she it is a small amount and she begins to feel sick. Tonight, she has felt dizzy and is asleep now.

They started removing the patch today to put a topical ointment with a steriod in it to help reduce the swelling of her eye and to prevent infection. It basically looks like she has punched in the eye, but I am certain this hurts worse. Because of the surgery, the doctors had to remove her eyelashes in that eye. What is left has been poking her eye and causing some irritation.

Rachel has been up more today and walking around and we may take a walk around the hall later this evening if she is up to it. She has been able to read magazines, watch tv and get on the computer. Her eye becomes sore after a while, so she will rest them.

It’s kind of lonely up here, our only visitors are the nurses, the food cart, and the occasional worker to check for used linens, etc. We know from experience that we probably would have had a lot of visitors if we were in Wichita, which would have been overwhelming. We have enjoyed the time together though (at least I have – I am sure I annoy Rachel a little though).

That’s it for tonight – I have more tv to watch…

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One thought on “Rachel Update: Day Four

  1. Mom says:

    Hey, I know of a little boy that would be there in a second if nanna would let him go. He is learning all kinds of stuff from nanna and papa. I hope he forgets before you both get back. Whats with the new phrase
    “Leave (Weave) me alone” we didn’t teach him that.

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