She has a roll of quarters in her eye…

We woke up about the time I normally go to sleep this morning to check in for Rachel’s surgery. She was the first surgery of the day which was nice, but we have both been exhausted today.

Rachel’s surgery went good, the plaque went in fine and there was no concern as far is it going in. She came out of surgery in a lot of pain – something other plaque patients can only relate to, but something the doctors tried convincing us would be minimal. The plaque is about the size of a quarter and as thick as four quarters. It is attached to the back of the eye and as she moves her right eye the left eye is painful.

Rachel is sleeping a lot. Which is fine with me, but I think she would like to be awake. She has gotten on the computer periodically (if you get a chance, give her something to read by posting something on her facebook or by emailing her at She can’t keep her eye open for very long, but I think she is a little bored.

I will post some pictures later this evening, but for now, I am off to pick up dinner from the applebee’s across the street. I think hospitals should be like airports in their food offerings. Instead of a cafeteria, how about a food court?

Thanks, as always, for your prayers during this time.


(For those of you who asked, Rachel is in room 4943 at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.)

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3 thoughts on “She has a roll of quarters in her eye…

  1. Elysia Cramer says:

    Hey there guys it’s EC from WOW if you all need anything let us know. If you need your yard mowed while you are in St. Louis or the house cleaned or anything let us know. Our number is 316-833-0572. Love you both and we will be praying

  2. Andrea says:

    Terry and Rachel – I am praying for both of you and Owen. When you get back, my offer to watch Owen when needed still stands!

    In Christ,

  3. Pam says:

    Terry & Rachel,
    We sure appreciate your updates on Rachel and want you to know that we are lifting you up often. May you sense the Lord’s loving arms around you and carrying you through every single minute of each day.
    We love you both,
    Pam and Gregg

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