Monthly Archives: May 2009


  • I start Summer classes on Monday…I am trying to get through this as fast as I can. I learned that practice as a kid.
  • A great friend of mine is leaving for Costa Rica today. He is checking out a missions organization stationed there and to make the decision whether or not to move his family there. Please pray for him. They are amazing people who have a strong calling on their life. They are hoping for a CLEAR YES or a CLEAR NO. Either way they are called to be missionaries to a spanish speaking country but with something as big as this they want to hear God’s voice. I know you all like to pray – so pray for them. You can check updates on his blog.
  • This is simply hilarious.
  • I posted on my twitter that my new favorite thing to do now is watch my son chase our dog with a stick. He likes to play outside.
  • Went to the Tulsa Zoo over Memorial day. We went to see the Polar bears. One died so they had closed the exhibit. Would have been nice to tell us that that, the aligators, and half of the other exhibits were closed. Anyone else know of any other great zoos within a day trip?
  • Can I have you pray for something else? Please pray for my wife, she is looking for a job teaching middle school social studies. She is actually pretty passionate about the subject and would be an awesome teacher.
  • If my friend Jim ever became a TV preacher – I could see him being like this.
  • Another friend is hosting a cool CD giveaway. The lead singer is in our worship band at church and totally rocks. You should enter.
  • AND thought I would leave you with this…seriously more than ever I feel like God pushing me to challenge the process in society and do something to break the cycle of poverty. Especially with kids. I know that this can take place within a church. I think the church finds itself merely helping people and not breaking the cycle of poverty. Maybe the church is not the place to do this, maybe the church is not called to do this….but for whatever reason I am feeling more called to it. It’s an itch I will have to describe later.

Have a great week. Love on your family. Love on Jesus. Get some rest.