1) I wish there were sirens that you could put on your car that said you were in a hurry and that people need to either hurry up or move out of the way. And what’s up with scooters that are not designed for the road driving on the road…if your bike with a weedeater mower cannot go over 35 miles an  hour take the side streets to get to your destination. It is a nice concept, but you are annoying. And your helmet? Seriously a hockey helmet?

2) The joy about having a kid is the little surprises that you will find under the couch – or the nice one you find is causing a colony of ants to take up residence in his room. I never knew that mold could turn red. Disgusting.

3) So it is mowing season again. I hate mowing.

4) We moved into our new office this week – it is cool. It is at 1st and Mead – seriously nice to be down where the action is instead of out in the boondocks where turtles and ducks live in the parking lot. We are Old Town Wichita people. Any recommendations on great food? Anybody wanna buy me lunch?

5) It’s great to talk to other church planters. God is doing something big in Derby. Just sayin.

6) I was going to use #6 to tell you that if I could commit a crime which one I would commit … then I realized that the government employs people to watch blogs and facebooks for detective work. Plus if I ever did commit a crime, I wouldn’t want people to be like “Why didn’t we see the warning signs – we mentioned it on his blog.” It was going to be a sarcastic joke – it’s not working.

7) Just so you know – I am a friendly neighbor – but some of my neighbors are not – the others are weird. I am pretty sure there are dead bodies (either human or canine) in my next door neighbor’s house. He doesn’t live there, he actually lives at his office and comes home periodically to make sure it looks like someone lives there…he will turn on different lights and do minor yard work. Someday I will tell you about all of them.

8) Watched town hall of hope tonight – it was good – probably better if I was in the actual auditorium though. I could listen to Dave Ramsey anyday over that Mad Money guy.

9) I like it when you watch the news and it comes back from a commercial or switches cameras and the anchor is looking at a different camera. I always think that at the next break some guy is going to get ripped a new one by the anchorwoman…The guy’s probably don’t care as much.

10) My wife has been applying for teaching jobs. Please pray for her to get a job soon. She will make an awesome teacher and will make Social Studies fun.

…over and out…


2 thoughts on “THURSDAY THOUGHTS

  1. Kristi says:

    Is that really true that the government has people watching blogs and facebook? Because that’s kinda scary.

  2. terryjohnson says:

    Yeah – they have cameras hidden in most apartment complex hallways. They are on to you/us. But they can’t see people with private blogs – so I am thinking about switching, but why would I do that? The government has people in churches, schools, everywhere. My mission in life is to figure out who is a spy for the government…kind of Truman Show-ish.

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