Sunday was probably one of the greatest experiences in my ministry career – many of you that have heard the news, know that my church under the leadership of Pastor Bryson Butts, has chosen to leave the United Methodist denomination and launch a new non-denominational church, simply called GracePoint Community Church. My excitement was not because of this decision, but because of the reaction to the decision. I have never been a part of a church where the people were so passionate about the vision to reach the lost. I am truly blessed to be a part of GracePoint Community Church. I am truly honored to serve alongside some of the greatest men and women of God who are truly passionate and sold out to the vision of taking great risks to reach people far from Christ. I am truly excited about the vision that God is beginning to open our eyes to and how He has promised to unleash an unbelievable revolution on this city.

GracePoint – you are awesome. Thank you for passion for this city and this church. So let’s do this! Let’s witness God move here. Greater things are still to come!

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