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Good Day…

  • It was a good GREAT day at GracePoint Community this morning.
  • Huge crowd to kick of Spring Break weekend (you couldn’t tell that it historically was a low-turnout weekend).
  • The music rocked…I am sure Ronnie will be posting the set list for anyone interested. His commentary is always nice.
  • Amy absolutely rocked Paramore‘s Hallelujah.
  • Bryson brought a great message to kick off our new series called, The Chase. He was fired up – more so than I have seen in a while. Overheard a comment – “that definitely brought my testosterone level up”…from a lady.
  • “Ministry Time” after the message was absolutely powerful with people filling the altars to receive prayer over the things they are dealing with in their life and keeping them from chasing after the God-sized dreams.
  • God showed up.
  • Hurting people were healed. Broken people were restored. Lost people were saved. We met God in a real and powerful way this morning.

If you were there – I would love to hear some feedback on how God moved in your life? If you weren’t – where has God showed up in your life lately?



Back when I was in high school at youth group, a friend of mine was given the opportunity to share the message for the night. You see, our youth group handed over the teaching to the youth leadership team during the Summer months. It was cool, because the youth did some pretty cool stuff. So, she read from Matthew 17:20, I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” I guess it was in the simple way she explained what that really meant, but it was like something clicked in my brain and the whole issue of faith became real.

So she asked if anyone wanted to have that faith and if they did to come up front and someone would pray for them. It was the routine youth group altar call, nothing new for me really.

But something inside of me started moving.


I got butterflies. What the heck was happening? I told God that if this kid, Matt, got up and went up front I would. Haha! The fact is, is that Matt was already a Christian and there is no way he would go up front.

The butterflies got stronger.

The song was almost over. The altar was empty and I through to myself, that this was almost over and hopefully my butterflies would go away.

I closed my eyes (as the sweat started to fall down my head from my nerves) to try and calm down. As I opened them – I saw Matt up front kneeling.

What the &#$%! No freakin way! It was at that moment I realized that those butterflies were from God. That the words my friend said was directly coming from God. And that Matt (who felt God telling him to go up front because someone needed to be there) was listening to God speak to him so He could speak to me. I went up front. I kneeled. I cried. At that moment I surrendered my life to Jesus, all of my ambitions, all of my dreams I turned over to Him. I asked for God’s will of my life to be revealed to me. I committed, that day, to make Jesus lord of my life.

I know God speaks. I have heard him. I have felt him. I have seen him. God has done this many times in my life. I can look back on my life and understand how he talked/talks to me, and I am beginning to recognize his voice and his presence around me more and more each day.

Recently, I have felt these same feelings. It has been nice – like reconnecting face-to-face with a long-distance friend. I have seen God work around me and through me and it has been awesome seeing it unfold. You see, when I realized the ways that God talks to other people, I started seeing how God speaks to me.



Sunday was probably one of the greatest experiences in my ministry career – many of you that have heard the news, know that my church under the leadership of Pastor Bryson Butts, has chosen to leave the United Methodist denomination and launch a new non-denominational church, simply called GracePoint Community Church. My excitement was not because of this decision, but because of the reaction to the decision. I have never been a part of a church where the people were so passionate about the vision to reach the lost. I am truly blessed to be a part of GracePoint Community Church. I am truly honored to serve alongside some of the greatest men and women of God who are truly passionate and sold out to the vision of taking great risks to reach people far from Christ. I am truly excited about the vision that God is beginning to open our eyes to and how He has promised to unleash an unbelievable revolution on this city.

GracePoint – you are awesome. Thank you for passion for this city and this church. So let’s do this! Let’s witness God move here. Greater things are still to come!

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