Small Groups

If you didn’t know, my role has changed a little at GracePoint. While I still handle the marketing and communications side of the ministry, I also am the pastor over LifeGroups (our small group ministry). About 50% of our adult attendance are involved in groups that meet throughout the city. That is a pretty awesome deal.

Tonight, as I was driving home from a LifeGroup leader training meeting, I p pulled down my street and noticed several cars in front of a neighbor’s house. As I slowly drove past the house, and looked inside (the door was open and I am nosey, so I looked) I noticed several couples with what looked like books open and they were laughing.

It had all of the characteristics of a small group, but since I didn’t go in (I did drive back by) I am not positive, but I am pretty sure. It’s pretty cool as I thought about small groups meeting all over the area and people talking about God. It had never really hit me until tonight, when I saw other people doing it.

It just gave me a quick glimpse of what God’s Kingdom really looks like.

Random, I know, but thought I would share.

***Remember to email to encourage her to get a facebook!


2 thoughts on “Small Groups

  1. jimryanjackson says:

    Oh encourage!?! Crap, I went with the guilt approach…

  2. I emailed Tricia and copied you. I can’t believe it when people are reluctant to try these social media tools, they are so easy to use and effective!

    Hope you enjoy the lifegroup stuff! I need to get plugged back in.

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