On My mind…

I have suddenly received an urge to go on a missions trip. If you didn’t know – I did some mission work with a cool organization called YWAM. I would love to organize a team to go overseas or to do one awesome micro-missions trip in the states…any GracePointer’s interested?

Rachel and I decided to join a lifegroup last Fall for the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace study. The study was okay – Rachel liked it more than me – but it was nice to get connected to a lifegroup. We have had some really cool conversations in our group this semester. I am so thankful that we decided to do it.

I have been reading a book called Death by Love by Mark Driscoll. It has been especially eye-opening as it has been a book comprised of letters Pastor Mark has written to some of the people in his church with some major issues or questions. There are several things that I have felt God speaking to me through this book.

I wasn’t really interested in the Superbowl…until the end of the game.

I have been enjoying the team of people God has called together to be on staff at GracePoint. I feel like we are all growing closer and becoming focused on the ONE vision that God has called us to…REACHING LOST PEOPLE. It’s cool that we are seeing this happen every week at GP.

I have loved getting to know MORE of the people who call GracePoint home. This is an amazing church. God is getting ready to do something huge.

Every time I watch Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, my stomach growls like crazy. Half of the stuff on the show looks terrible, but then there are dishes here and there that look freakin awesome!

I am going to try an interactive study here on the blog soon – I would love it if you can join in on it. I’ll let you know when I am ready.

This is going to be a great week…I hope.


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