So there is this little thing flying through my world of Facebook lately that has a lot of my friends caught up in telling everyone 25 random things about themselves. At first, I was annoyed at getting all of these random notes, but as some of my close friends caught on to it, I realized it is a pretty fun way to learn more about some of the people I thought I knew really well.  So here are my 25 random (and not so random) facts about me…enjoy….

Rules (for Facebook only):
Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. I am a hypochondriac – self-induced though.
2. I don’t regularly wash my hands, even though I freak out by people who are sick.
3. I am afraid to die…deathly afraid – is that weird to say?
4. All of my cars have been a maroon red – Honda Civic, Ford Crown Vic, and Ford Explorer (I did have a car – I don’t even remember what it was for like 2 months that was blue – but that doesn’t count).
5. I love my wife. A lot. I am proud of her and am intimidated by her drive and passion.
6. I HATE video games. They bore me to death – unless it is a racing game OR shoots out tickets.
7. I am not a big fan of watching sports.
8. I met my wife by rear-ending the car she was riding in one day after school. Neither of us were doing what we were supposed to be – she wasn’t supposed to be riding in a car, I wasn’t supposed to have left school (was on the newspaper staff and had a “work-night”). Thank God we disobeyed our parents.
9. I am big fan of chocolate milk. So much that if I see a brand I have never tried, I will buy it. My favorite so far? Promised Land … it comes in a glass bottle!
10. My son was about a month and a half premature…I was too. Weird.
11. I have the songs I want sung at my funeral picked out…and the people I want to sing them…sucks to be you!
12. When I am home alone on a Saturday Night (rare occurrence) I watch the Lawrence Welk Show – reminds me of my grandma. I have tried to convince Owen to like it – but he is just not that into it.
13. I actually believed that Jesus was coming back in high school – like the date and time was picked out. I was weird.
14. salt water makes my nipples burn. ask joe skillen.
15. I was a Children’s Pastor for 5 years. It was a ton of fun. God stretched me and taught me so much and I found out that I simply loved kids. I loved building relationships with families, and I absolutely got a high from seeing kids come to know and understand who Jesus was in their life. God called me out of that area of ministry and now I work with adults. I love every minute of it…and I am coming to find out that I – SIMPLY – love being in ministry and I can never stop telling people about Jesus – even if I work at McDonald’s…
16. I enjoyed working at McDonald’s and occasionally think about getting a second job there.
17. I think I embarrass Rachel … a lot. I am sorry.
18. I have never shot a gun or killed an animal…except a mole I found in my backyard…I felt bad after doing it though so I gave it a proper burial. And I ran over a few baby bunnies with the lawn mower – felt terrible and gave them a proper burial as well.
19. Thinking of dead animals, I tend to start thinking about the animal while I am eating meat. Then I am grossed out and can’t finish it.
20. My dream job would be to pick out the music that is played on TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy.
21. I have a few reoccurring dreams – one is that I discover that my house has a basement, and it is freakin rad. The other is that I am a child (I have had this dream since I was a child) and I am in the back “bed” of an old station wagon. My parents and I are on vacation and Skeletor from He-man is in the sky and wants to kill me. I start crying and then I wake up.
22. I had an idea for a restaurant that was an airport hangar that looked like a control tower and would have the sounds from the air control radio. I was pissed when I saw Hangar Steakhouse open up on Kellogg. I get upset everyday when I see it to. I wasn’t this mad when the clapper lamp came on.
23. I drive up on car accidents…A LOT…I sometimes think that superheroes are real, and I haven’t really focused my super-power enough. My super hero is to help avoid accidents.
24. I remember sleeping in a crib (just to clarify – I was out of the crib by age 2). I actually remember a lot before the age of 4. It is weird, but kind of cool.
25. In high school, on a mission trip to Idaho, I experienced the power of God. I was clueless that there was such a thing, but God showed up in my life so real and in such a specific way that I can never deny that there is a God. There are times in my life I begin to doubt the existence of God, but I am quickly reminded of that specific experience. If you want to know about it – I will tell you…just ask.


2 thoughts on “25 RANDOM THINGS…

  1. jimryanjackson says:

    #4… It was a Chrysler New Yorker I believe… And you always left the blinker on like an old woman. I vividly remember the blinker…

    #11… Yes, I’ll sing Mmmmmm…Bop by the Hansen Brothers…

    #18… Ask, I’ll take you anytime. On me. I mean you gotta man up at some point in your life. Totally Kidding, shooting guns isn’t manly, just lots of fun.

    #25… You have never told me that story I don’t think. I want to hear it sometime.

  2. codyknutson says:

    seriously…YOU drove a Crown Vic? awesome!

    you should trade the explorer for another Crown Vic, you would then be more superhero like and less likely to die in a car accident.

    you should start out hunting rabbits with roman candles. find a hole, light, aim, and run if the field catches on fire. always a good time.

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