He Speaks…

I read a book early last year – called Pop Goes the Church. You might remember the number of devoted blog postings I wrote on it, I was so excited to read it and share with others about the book. I liked loved the book. I know it is a good book when I can remember key points from what the author said and I know it is GREAT book when I can actually apply some of the things the book was saying to my own life (sometimes I will read books on leadership, organization, and they bore me so much that I will never put the principles into practice).

Anyways, there is a chapter that Tim Stevens, the author of the book, writes on secular music and finding God’s truth everywhere. After reading that chapter I have started listening for God’s truth in the secular music I may listen to, or trying to find redemptive stories in the television shows I watch. When you can overcome the thought that even a Linkin Park song could hold God’s truth, you begin to realize that God is speaking to us everywhere.

I remember when I first realized that Jesus was my Savior and I desperately wanted to hear God’s voice. The pastor talked about hearing his voice, the books I read talked about it, and my friends did the same. I realized that for me, God’s voice probably sounded different (I had some closure with this struggling thought last Fall when I heard an amazing testimony of guy talk about how God talks to him. I will try to find it for you). I began to realize that God can speak to me through the music I hear, through the shows I watch, and I began to find some freedom there.

Recently I have been really digging a Leona Lewis song, Bleeding Love. There are some lines in it where it actually verbalizes what I feel like my relationship with God is like..

But something happened, For the very first time with you, My heart melted into the ground, Found something true, And everyone’s looking ’round , Thinking I’m going crazy …. But nothing’s greater, Than the rush that comes with your embrace, And in this world of loneliness, I see your face, Yet everyone around me, Thinks that I’m going crazy…

I could even include the chorus in that, but the other day when I really felt like I was understanding that this could be one of those “God moments” I felt like Jesus was talking back saying …

But I don’t care what they say, I’m in love with you, They try to pull me away, But they don’t know the truth, My heart’s crippled by the vein, That I keep on closing, You cut me open and I, Keep bleeding, Keep, keep bleeding love, I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love, Keep bleeding, Keep, keep bleeding love, You cut me open

Is it weird that through hearing this, I was beginning to realize – in a different way – how much pain I cause the guy that saved me from death goes through when he sees me disobey him, or hurt him, or ignore him? Is it weird that people say that God wants absolutely nothing to do with secular music, yet, I after listening to this song, I realized even more how much God loves me.

I think that sometimes we get caught up in the legalism, the things we have to do for God, and forget to realize that HE is all around us, living, moving, speaking.

So…how is God speaking to you this week?


2 thoughts on “He Speaks…

  1. codyknutson says:

    …this makes me think of Creed. There was so much of Gods truth in their lyrics, people believed they were a Christian band with a secular label. Creed was no where near Christian but their lyrics held God’s truth. I heard Creed (I had no idea who they were) open up for Metallica, and heard them play My Own Prison. I guess you could say I noticed God at a Metallica concert of all places.

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