I got nothin…

So to mimic others in the blogging world. I assume you would like to know some stats about this blog.


  1. I Love to Read – My post explaining that I was asked to review Tim Steven’s book – Pop Goes the Church. The main reason was I was mentioned on his blog – but it brought in the hits.
  2. Owen’s Real Intervention – Not too far behind the top post, was this fun post on how we got Owen to drop the binky. Surprisingly, this post has been picked up by a few parenting blogs/sites. All the credit goes to my wife.
  3. C3 Recap – I guess some people will go to conferences free when they can read about it on someone else’s blog. Seriously this one had a ton of hits.
  4. I Love Squeeze Cheese – My mom got me this for Christmas…funny.
  5. Weird Obsession – I pissed some avid nose suckers off with this post. I got a lot of weird and random emails after this post.


  1. Cool Tattoo – we did a series on tattoos, and I had a cool picture of a tattoo that I guess got a lot of hits – over 2000 to be exact.
  2. Teamwork – I really don’t know why this is up there.
  3. Crazy Spiders – this is the best. Yep, if you do an image search on google for “crazy spiders” you will find my blog in the top 10.
  4. 4,5,6 – are all tattoo search terms.

SITES THAT SHOULD GIVE ME PROPS for people clicking to their site because of something I posted.

  1. brianpjackson.wordpress.com – he has cool stuff from time to time.
  2. mikesnow.tv – the guy doesn’t even update his blog!
  3. godsteknon.blogspot.com – I love reading his blog!
  4. brysonbutts.com – it’s rumored he is getting back on the blogging wagon soon.

Well – that’s it…that’s all I got. A bunch of nothin! So if you don’t care about any of this, no worries – this post can just go down as the least read this year (or next).

Have a happy year!


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