Weird obsession

Okay – I have this weird obsession with making sure Owen’s nose is clean. Mainly because I have never wanted to be that dad of a snotty nose kid. The past few weeks, Owen has been the snotty nose kid that I have dreaded. When he was little, I could put the little bulb syringe up his nose and clean it out no problem. As he has slowly grown older (and stronger) he now fights back. This past week I have had to do everything except tie him down to clean his nose…So always looking for new ideas, I found this weird contraption…The Nosefrida – because that sounds cool. Hoping to see something cool or something that would actually work – I saw this…

What the...?

What the...?

SERIOUSLY? You want me to stick this straw in my kid’s nose and then suck the other end? That is the most disgusting gadget I have seen…possibly ever…This is not natural and just because some Swedish guy designed it, doesn’t mean it is good.

Seriously? Seriously.


9 thoughts on “Weird obsession

  1. Oh my goodness. I am glad that someone else has that obsession besides me. Liam does a pretty good job of fighting back, being only 7 months old. But I am constantly picking at his nose keeping it clean. Pretty sure I would not go as far as that disgusting gadget though :)

  2. Kay says:

    Are you kidding, Nosefrida is the best invention ever and every
    parents needs one. It’s really not that gross….better than having
    green snot all over you.

  3. Chris says:

    Ah, the Nosefrida. Music to my ears. Sleepless nights? No more. Boogies? Gone. You really need to give it a try, I read about it on daddytypes a while ago when my son was an infant…. such a lifesaver!

  4. This has made my day. I cannot believe someone thought this was even a good idea. I love my children and if venom was traveling through their nostrils to their brain, I would suck it out. But boogers? Mucus? Snot? BLECH!!! The thought of this has me gagging and laughing simultaneously.

    I agree. Seriously.

  5. mandoron says:

    I would gladly let my kids puke all over me before I sucked boogers out of their nose…

  6. brianpjackson says:

    Glad you’re not fixated about Owen’s butt.

  7. Ginger says:

    don’t understand… how could you think this is so gross? I am
    ordering one right now, it looks awesome! I’m sure the Swedes that
    invented it made sure that you don’t swallow snot…..

  8. Melisa says:

    So you are saying I should NOT recommend this to my patients??


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