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I got nothin…

So to mimic others in the blogging world. I assume you would like to know some stats about this blog.


  1. I Love to Read – My post explaining that I was asked to review Tim Steven’s book – Pop Goes the Church. The main reason was I was mentioned on his blog – but it brought in the hits.
  2. Owen’s Real Intervention – Not too far behind the top post, was this fun post on how we got Owen to drop the binky. Surprisingly, this post has been picked up by a few parenting blogs/sites. All the credit goes to my wife.
  3. C3 Recap – I guess some people will go to conferences free when they can read about it on someone else’s blog. Seriously this one had a ton of hits.
  4. I Love Squeeze Cheese – My mom got me this for Christmas…funny.
  5. Weird Obsession – I pissed some avid nose suckers off with this post. I got a lot of weird and random emails after this post.


  1. Cool Tattoo – we did a series on tattoos, and I had a cool picture of a tattoo that I guess got a lot of hits – over 2000 to be exact.
  2. Teamwork – I really don’t know why this is up there.
  3. Crazy Spiders – this is the best. Yep, if you do an image search on google for “crazy spiders” you will find my blog in the top 10.
  4. 4,5,6 – are all tattoo search terms.

SITES THAT SHOULD GIVE ME PROPS for people clicking to their site because of something I posted.

  1. – he has cool stuff from time to time.
  2. – the guy doesn’t even update his blog!
  3. – I love reading his blog!
  4. – it’s rumored he is getting back on the blogging wagon soon.

Well – that’s it…that’s all I got. A bunch of nothin! So if you don’t care about any of this, no worries – this post can just go down as the least read this year (or next).

Have a happy year!


Christmas Eve recap

I talked up the Christmas Eve experience quite a bit on my Facebook page…probably too much for some…but I was confident that this was going to be one of the greatest events in GracePoint history…(((yeah I was right)))…We had an amazing time and our production crew helped make this an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the crazy talent of Kevin Brown, we got some amazing shots of the experience….I am telling you – if I say it is going to be awesome – I mean it.

Check out the shots below…

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Drew Gallant Photography

Got some family pictures taken recently…Saw some of Drew‘s work around the social networking sites and he and I have some mutual friends. We were pretty impressed with the stuff he had online, so we asked him to take our family pics. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get some great candid shots. Some photographers are awesome at posed shots – but we don’t like them.

owen laughing johnsons

johnsons41 johnsons76

Weird obsession

Okay – I have this weird obsession with making sure Owen’s nose is clean. Mainly because I have never wanted to be that dad of a snotty nose kid. The past few weeks, Owen has been the snotty nose kid that I have dreaded. When he was little, I could put the little bulb syringe up his nose and clean it out no problem. As he has slowly grown older (and stronger) he now fights back. This past week I have had to do everything except tie him down to clean his nose…So always looking for new ideas, I found this weird contraption…The Nosefrida – because that sounds cool. Hoping to see something cool or something that would actually work – I saw this…

What the...?

What the...?

SERIOUSLY? You want me to stick this straw in my kid’s nose and then suck the other end? That is the most disgusting gadget I have seen…possibly ever…This is not natural and just because some Swedish guy designed it, doesn’t mean it is good.

Seriously? Seriously.


I have been rather silent around the blog lately – mainly due to the fact that my semester is ending and any big projects and tests are in front of me. Throw in the fact that I have been helping lead some amazing outreach events at church and my time is kind of squashed. I finished up my last final tonight and will complete the last project of the semester in the next day or so and hopefully I will get back in the swing of things.

There is so much to write, and hopefully I will be prompted to do so…so instead of just explaining where I have been, because the vast majority of you could actually care less, I have to attempt to write something so incredible, so intriguing, that will get you to return here desiring for more … so what shall it be? The amazing report from Thanksgiving of Grace? Not yet. The most hilarious thing that Owen has done recently? I will, just not today. The craziest thing that has happened to me? Do you really want to know? What God has been telling me? Well sort of. I will share with you a thought that has been somewhat haunting me lately. It is a simple statement that I read earlier this year, that for whatever reason I can’t escape from it …


Yep, that’s it. Nothing profound, but something I really feel convicted about lately. This goes with essentially everything I was ever taught, but in the last several months, I have been involved in situations where God has challenged me in this area. And recently, I read something in the Bible that made me think of this…Luke 19 – The parable of the talents. I have read this story a hundred times. I have taught on this parable several times as well. Yet God, with his timing, revealed the connection here.

The treasure of the gospel is never honored when buried in the ground for “safekeeping”. This parable revealed to me that what God has given us – His Word and His Spirit – has been entrusted to us to be risked. It’s not the cautious servant that is rewarded for his efforts, it is the ones who took the risk – “risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed of. Play it safe and end up holding the bag.

Just because what we are doing is working, doesn’t necessarily mean that we are in God’s will. I don’t want to get to Heaven holding only a bag. I want to be able to say I was part of change – I was part of taking risks. I guess sometimes the wisest principle is, “If it ain’t broke, break it.”