Similarities between Owen and I

Besides the obvious good looks, I have discovered that Owen and I have a lot of similarities…

owen and dad

  1. We both curl up our pillow to prop our neck up when we sleep.
  2. We both make noises when we sleep.
  3. We both love chocolate milk.
  4. We both tickle easy.
  5. We both like to watch TV.
  6. We both love Rachel.
  7. We both like flashlights (I used to sleep with a flashlight and he does now).
  8. We both like the movie Cars (probably he more than me, but we both like it).
  9. We both like to make a mess and not clean it up.
  10. AND we are both very impatient. When waiting for an email response, I will sit there and click refresh until I get it. I hate waiting for people to pick us up or meet us somewhere. I hate waiting for a delivery (actually what I am doing today – waiting for a phone call to meet a truck of our Christmas mailers). I hate driving behind slow people (literally slow – like driving 30 in a 40). I hate that my mailman comes in the afternoon and not in the morning. I hate sitting through a commercial. And so on.

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