I have been back and forth with the blogging world lately. I have a ton of stuff to say – I sometimes feel a little like Ronnie mentioned a few days ago. I have been working hard at UNLEASH WICHITA stuff. We have been bombarded with people calling, nominating people from Grace Gifts, and asking about Thanksgiving. So for this Tuesday, enjoy a little linkage…

  • Cody has had some good thoughts on “selling faith”.
  • Douglas and Main added a few of us GP bloggers to their list…(thanks for the add)…it’s a cool spot to get the pulse on what is going on in Wichita.
  • Pastor Bryson has shared the reason for his hiatus.
  • Brian just likes to cuss.
  • I think Joe has literally moved around blog hosts a ton…but…he has good stuff to say.

So much more…but check those out.


3 thoughts on “LINK LOVE

  1. douglasandmain says:

    You are welcome on the links. I am always begging for local blogger links so let me know of any you are aware of. I am not picky about their subjects, just that the blog originates in the Wichita area.
    Sorry I didn’t have your links up earlier but I just found them. I blame Andrea Anglin!


  2. jimryanjackson says:

    tag. check out my blog for tag game… if you don’t play you have to sniff a fart.

  3. Please! Bobby doesn’t usually link to pastors so WHATEVER! He is a wonderful person and could be my long lost father but that is still up for debate with my mom. Glad you were linked.

    Now wait until you get DouglasandMained and see what ole’ Bobby has to say.

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