In true Tony Morgan fashion – I thought I would apply the same fun recap of the message for those of you that didn’t catch some of the stuff Pastor Bryson said today…

  • I’m here for a haircut.
  • I LOVE THIS CHURCH – You guys are unbelievable.
  • It’s so much fun to bless people and show them God’s kindness.
  • GracePoint WOMEN – you rock.
  • Men, don’t send your wife into the gutter unless you are ready to go with them.
  • The world looks at the church and says “these people are just about judging. We’re here to turn that mentality around.
  • We want to religious, holier than thou people to hate our guts…because those are the same people who hated Jesus.
  • David makes Bill Clinton look like an altar boy.
  • The Savior of all humanity – the only sinless person to walk this earth – had a murderer and prostitute n his genealogy. His genealogy ran through the red light district. his genealogy runs through the gutter.
  • We are called to love them and not judge them.
  • Jesus and compassion go hand in hand.
  • If you haven’t gone to the gutter then you haven’t fully gone to Christ.
  • I want my kids to experience the gutter.
  • Unconditional love changes lives.

One thought on “BRYSONISMS

  1. That message was great! I loved serving the folks at InterFaith the other day. I hope we can get more people interested in helping too.

    I was at Rueben’s today for lunch and they had the Thanksgiving of Grace posters up!

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