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Similarities between Owen and I

Besides the obvious good looks, I have discovered that Owen and I have a lot of similarities…

owen and dad

  1. We both curl up our pillow to prop our neck up when we sleep.
  2. We both make noises when we sleep.
  3. We both love chocolate milk.
  4. We both tickle easy.
  5. We both like to watch TV.
  6. We both love Rachel.
  7. We both like flashlights (I used to sleep with a flashlight and he does now).
  8. We both like the movie Cars (probably he more than me, but we both like it).
  9. We both like to make a mess and not clean it up.
  10. AND we are both very impatient. When waiting for an email response, I will sit there and click refresh until I get it. I hate waiting for people to pick us up or meet us somewhere. I hate waiting for a delivery (actually what I am doing today – waiting for a phone call to meet a truck of our Christmas mailers). I hate driving behind slow people (literally slow – like driving 30 in a 40). I hate that my mailman comes in the afternoon and not in the morning. I hate sitting through a commercial. And so on.


I have been back and forth with the blogging world lately. I have a ton of stuff to say – I sometimes feel a little like Ronnie mentioned a few days ago. I have been working hard at UNLEASH WICHITA stuff. We have been bombarded with people calling, nominating people from Grace Gifts, and asking about Thanksgiving. So for this Tuesday, enjoy a little linkage…

  • Cody has had some good thoughts on “selling faith”.
  • Douglas and Main added a few of us GP bloggers to their list…(thanks for the add)…it’s a cool spot to get the pulse on what is going on in Wichita.
  • Pastor Bryson has shared the reason for his hiatus.
  • Brian just likes to cuss.
  • I think Joe has literally moved around blog hosts a ton…but…he has good stuff to say.

So much more…but check those out.


Mike was up this week…Good message bro!

  • We want to welcome those watching live in Romania.
  • Without action we cannot go where HE has called us to go.
  • What’s hairy, has four legs, and hides its legs in the winter? JESUS – The answer is always Jesus.
  • As a Christ follower we are called to respect our leadership. We are called to prayer for our leadership.
  • God’s people should be big-hearted and courteous.
  • Give yourself a check-up from the neck-up and see where your attitude is.
  • If you’re an algebra nut you’re going to love this message.
  • We are to be salt. Salt elevates your thirsty. It is what makes a person want what we got. It’s potent.
  • Salt is worthless when it is in the salt-shaker.
  • You can’t be in close proximity to God unless you are in the gutter.
  • We haven’t learned to clearly communicate because we haven’t learned to communicate with God.
  • Salty, lit-up, sitting on your duff – just coming here on Sunday mornings is simply not enough. Today is about action.
  • There is nothing else in your life that has more potential than going into the gutter. But are you willing to take a risk?


In true Tony Morgan fashion – I thought I would apply the same fun recap of the message for those of you that didn’t catch some of the stuff Pastor Bryson said today…

  • I’m here for a haircut.
  • I LOVE THIS CHURCH – You guys are unbelievable.
  • It’s so much fun to bless people and show them God’s kindness.
  • GracePoint WOMEN – you rock.
  • Men, don’t send your wife into the gutter unless you are ready to go with them.
  • The world looks at the church and says “these people are just about judging. We’re here to turn that mentality around.
  • We want to religious, holier than thou people to hate our guts…because those are the same people who hated Jesus.
  • David makes Bill Clinton look like an altar boy.
  • The Savior of all humanity – the only sinless person to walk this earth – had a murderer and prostitute n his genealogy. His genealogy ran through the red light district. his genealogy runs through the gutter.
  • We are called to love them and not judge them.
  • Jesus and compassion go hand in hand.
  • If you haven’t gone to the gutter then you haven’t fully gone to Christ.
  • I want my kids to experience the gutter.
  • Unconditional love changes lives.

Can the church use information like this?

I saw a cool interactive map on Kim‘s facebook today. It was a time-lapse map of how all of the counties in the country voted for the president. Pretty amazing we can do stuff like this. It got me thinking. Can the church use information like this? Recently, the Wichita Eagle put a similar map of our county on their website that showed the break-down, not only of our president, but of our hotly contested bond issue. I wonder what we can do with this stuff.


Have been kind of missing around here lately…mainly because of Unleash Wichita. We are getting pumped about what is taking place in our community through this project. We have been able to radically bless families through this campaign, we are beginning to partner with many local and global missions organizations, and the entire church is gearing up for a huge outreach project called Thanksgiving of Grace. This is just the kick off to UNLEASH WICHITA – there is so much more to come.

Owen is starting to respond to the TV. You know when Mickey Mouse gives that awkward pause after a sentence like he is really talking to us. Owen believes it and talks back. It is cute. Just going to be weird when he starts talking to dead people.

Halloween was fun. I like Halloween. It was nice to be able to take Owen around to different events and houses. I like being a parent.

Owen is getting a new little cousin soon. Rachel’s sister is having a baby. They are hoping for a boy. I remember desperately wanting a little girl when we got pregnant. I am glad we had a boy. I have some friends that just found out they are having twins…crazy.

Been thinking about how the church needs to be like Apple. More on that later.

Been doing some freelance graphic design stuff lately. I have always done freelance work, but it is actually picking up recently…it is nice just a bit overwhelming with full-time husband, full-time dad, full-time employee, and full-time student. I have an amazing wife in Rachel who supports me in this. She deserves a Starbucks coffee.

So if you didn’t hear, we got a new president. I am hopeful for changes and excited about being a part of history. I am honestly surprised at the response from the Christian community. I know many people are truly upset with who is in office, but I have to believe that it is God’s will (he does control the universe right?). I have to believe that for whatever reason this man has been elected to office. As a Christian I am called to pray for Barack Obama, not criticize him. I am called to pray that God will make him prosporous, not make my facebook status say he is the anti-christ. I am called to seek God’s face for our nation, not make idle threats to move to Mexico or Canada. I am not called to pray my own personal agenda, but pray what is truly beating on God’s heart. Sure this guy has different views than me, but both of them did, and I haven’t met one person in my life that has the exact same views as I do. So to throw it out there in the open…I support Barack Obama. Why? Because he is now our president, he embodies hope. Hmmm (soap box) we are called to love. Because, simply, love wins. Yep, LOVE WINS.