Late night (or early morning) thoughts

Can’t sleep. It seems I get a good bout of insomnia during the Fall….or maybe it is the cricket that is right outside my window that I have open because of the nice weather. Who knows – either way – I am awake. Been thinking – seems like I do that (at least once a week…typically on Thursdays) a lot. I have so much bouncing around in my little (or my wife Rachel considers large) head. I tend to forget to write it all down – which ticks me off later when I remember I forgot to do something. Regardless here are some of my thoughts…

  • I have been debating a switch from wordpress to blogger. Mainly because I like Google and think their stuff is pretty stellar. I think with the switch we will make the site a little more formal with its own domain name … this is all depending on the way my “blow money” envelope looks at the end of the month. So – we’ll see. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • I dealt with the same frustration my friend Kevin faced this week – on several occasions. Again, Google is nice, so I might be switching my blogreader too.
  • I let a fly in my house today – don’t know when or how, but it tends to want to stay close to me. Like I saved it from a cruel world and it wants to become a pet like my dog. I would never kill my dog, but the fly has got to die…be right back.
    still flying.
  • Saturday Night LIve stepped out of the box this week and put Weekend Update on Thursday nights. They are doing this until the election. I think they should do this for good. Probably some of the funniest stuff on televsion.
  • I love momentum. I love big things. stay tuned.
  • Thursday was the last day for Owen to go to the sitter he has been going to since January. We are starting something new next week and it will be so good for him. The place is run like a preschool and he is going to learn a ton of stuff. Weird request, but, pray that his transition goes smooth.
  • There was a waitress at Old Chicago tonight that did a lot of hovering. I am a professional (or at least I think I am) people watcher. I get distracted by the mannerisms and quirky behavior of people. This waitress really didn’t do anything the entire time we were there (30 minutes maybe?). She would walk to the kitchen and come out a few minutes later and just stare at empty tables, walk back to the kitchen and come back out and stare, walk back to the kitchen and come out with a pop for who? no one. She turned around in annoyance like she forgot something and walked back into the kitchen. It was weird.
  • The fly keeps landing on the computer screen. I wish the screen was a bug zapper…kind of.
  • Saw a good friend of ours we haven’t seen in a while at the grocery store the other day. She is one of the coolest people we know and it was nice to see her. When I think of someone who has the evidence of the Holy Spirit in their lives (the evidence meaning fruit because that is how we can tell a tree is an apple tree right? hmmm – nevermind – anyways) I think of Melisa. Good to see you Mel!
  • So the Cubs are out of the race. I guess deep down I assumed they would be. I am thankful that the White Sox are out too. Just in case you guys wanted my opinion – I am going for the Phillies.

2 thoughts on “Late night (or early morning) thoughts

  1. jimryanjackson says:

    That is so weird. Literally 5 minutes ago I was thinking about switching to blogger. It was the most random thought, then I came to your site a WHAM! You were thinking the same thing. Maybe it is a sign from God. I don’t believe in coincidence.

  2. Melisa says:

    I have those times of insomia too…but I thought mine was cause I work nights half the week and days the other….good to know its not just me.
    Sleeping with open windows in the fall is awesome.
    Flies should die.
    Good to see you too. We all should not be strangers!
    Does blogger cost?! I guess I don’t pay for mine…hey….maybe that is why I couldn’t post a video. hummm
    Owen will do great! He is such an awesome kid!

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