Thoughts …

I am buzzed on spray paint. Just got done working on a piece of the decor for the upcoming Dirty Little Secrets series at GracePoint – going be good. Did you see this video yet?

Cody‘s post today was gross. I wonder if this has ever happened to Jackson.

Some people are pretty ignorant when it comes to the upcoming electioin …

Regardless of where you stand – you have to give it up for the Obama campaign – they have done some pretty innovative stuff – text messaging the VP pick, a channel devoted to his plan on sattelite, and an iphone app. Pretty cool, definitely cutting edge.

Gas is cheap around here – I can get it for $2.99. Crazy that this makes me happy!

I really think I enhaled too much spray paint fumes.



One thought on “Thoughts …

  1. codyknutson says:

    you deserve a raise! the teasers are great. and instead of coffee, you save the church money by getting buzzed, while preparing for the experience.

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