Thursday Thoughts

I think it is awesome how God partners people together. For me, I have the best wife – she listens to me, she genuinely cares about me, she is strong in the areas that I am lacking. I am so blessed to be married to Rachel – she is just a great partner in life. She does so much more for me than I do for her … but I do write a great blog and can use it to my benefit … I love you Rachel!

Owen is going to make an appearance in the Sunday Morning Experience this week. Will be good. I will have the recap here on my blog shortly afterwards.

I constantly wrestle with the idea of what Jesus would be doing if He walked the Earth today. What would it look like. I don’t know why I am so fascinated with this thought – it has been something that is constant in my life since I first made Him controller of my life. Anyone have any good reads on this subject?

I think he might stop by my good friend Joe‘s house on Thursday nights. There are not too many people I know that I really believe hear God on a constant basis like this guy.

Why do people who really want my opinion call me on the phone. I think these organizations have lost touch with my generation and culture. I am not saying I will answer every email, but I do fill out online surveys.

So these tv show premiers have been good. One thing I thought about today is that if I am ever in Seattle – or anywhere for that matter – and something happens to me – I don’t want to end up in a hospital like the one on Grey’s Anatomy. The doctors are pretty much idiots and their building is kind of crappy – like water leaks and stuff…must be because of that bomb a few years back and they got bad contractors in to fix it.

So Owen, like his mom, talks in his sleep. It’s pretty cute. Tonight he is dreaming about tractors and trucks. Sometimes (okay a lot of the time) I wish I could be a kid again. Something about childhood that makes me happy – maybe the fact that I didn’t have to pay bills.

Been selling some books on Amazon – it’s pretty cool – actually making a little bit of money. Dave Ramsey told me to do so. He also told me to do a few other things that I just can’t seem to wrap my head around, but maybe by the end of Financial Peace I will be able to do so.

God is doing some cool stuff in my life. Really just putting some discipline back in it where it belongs. I know God speaks to me, and sometimes I can really understand what He is trying to do in my life. I wish I could explain it, but it is more of a feeling type of thing rather than an audible voice (which I picture it sounding like the mac guy’s voice for some reason). I really feel that God is getting ready to move – not only in my own life – but at GracePoint too. I will do this in a more formal way soon, but I want to ask you to join me in prayer. Selfishly I would love you to pray for me – but let’s keep it at our personal lives – but for those of you with any connection to GracePoint and those of you who just love to pray – please join me in praying for what God to be able to move like He desires – whatever that means or looks like. (In my “more formal invite” I will add some specifics).

Good thoughts – eh? I will leave you with one last one …



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