Thursday Thoughts …

Yep they are back!

  • My son, Owen, loves tractors…really anything with wheels. His favorite movie is Cars and he runs around saying “Speed. I am Speed” and jumps up and down and runs and then falls down. Anyways – tractors – I typed in tractor slideshow in Google, to see if there was anything he could look at and I found this ridiculous YouTube video. Ridiculous only because people are bored enough to make a video of tractor pictures and set it to the music of Akon.
  • We’re under a precautionary flood warning, meaning that some guy in a city office thinks it might rain enough to flood really really bad. A small part of me thinks that we are making something out of nothing, like trying to get attention for something fall less severe than a hurricane hitting Texas. I don’t know, if it floods – I am in bad shape. A few years ago – the water at the end of my driveway was up to my knees. It was crazy.
  • My dog is allergic to grass. Kind of stinks since she pees in grass. It is always a rough Fall. Pray for her (can you pray for pets?).
  • Some people are stupid.
  • I love funny YouTube videos. You can send them to me anytime really – well don’t overload me with videos or forward emails, but stuff like this is funny to me.
  • Getting back into the creative mindset…I have some cool stuff to share with you guys soon. We have had some amazing services at GracePoint these past few weeks. We have had our highest attendance outside of Easter. Some awesome things are happening.

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