What’s your tattoo story?

So we kicked off an awesome new series at GracePoint the other day – GP INK – and we heard the amazing way God has shown up in Jason Smith’s life. Powerful stuff. We have more incredible stories of how God has moved into the lives of others at GP in the coming weeks. These stories are about how Jesus has left His mark on the hearts of these people, and how they have a tattoo – or in some cases many tattoos – to remember where they came from or what God has done. Invite your friends this Sunday – it’s gonna be awesome.

All this talk about tattoos has got me thinking about the rest of you guys. What’s your tattoo story? Do you have a tattoo? What’s the story behind it? Do you want a tattoo? Why?

If you are on Facebook – go to the GracePoint.com fanpage and talk about it there too.

ME? I don’t have a tattoo … yet. I can’t stand the thought of tape peeling off of my arm, let alone the constant prick of a needle. We’ll see though – maybe before I am 30 (one year to go). I am a big fan of stars though – so I think I would get one on my arm or my back in the nice black ink. I have some other thoughts floating around – but let’s hear yours first.


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