Thursday Thoughts

I am looking forward to church this Sunday – if you are in town – you’ve got to be there. It’s gonna be cool – seriously – we are ending the I Love the 80s series, the way it should be. Bring your video camera too – might be worth getting some video.

This local advertising agency has some good thoughts on marketing to men. They seem to be doing alright in this area. This is good stuff. It is hard to get men to come to church – maybe we can learn from this group.

I have asked for a lot for my birthday that is coming up soon. I am not really greedy, I just am throwing out ideas to my wife, Rachel. This camera is pretty darn amazing in itself.

Speaking of cameras – this video is pretty cool it is shot at 1000fps (frames per second) over a duration of 4 seconds with a Phantom HD…(via kenwilson).

I watch too much TV.

I’ve posted about this before – but I still think The Girl Effect is an amazing concept, project, and cause. I think it tells a very powerful story.

Ready for Labor Day?


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