Weekend Wrap-up

I had a fun-filled, crazy busy weekend. Here are the highlights …

Spent the morning with Owen, the afternoon taking a nap, and the evening driving around town picking up some last minute stuff for Owen’s birthday party. While out east, we ate at Jimmie’s Diner. I forgot how affordable the place actually was. I guess I just assumed that anything on Rock Road is expensive. After eating we caught some fly-by entertainment of the Aviation Festival just a few miles away. Not only did Owen think it was simply awesome, but I was pretty impressed myself…we might actually pay to get in next year and check it out.

We all woke up early and headed to Panera. That is our weekly tradition and stick to it most weeks, unless something happens or we are in the mood for greasy food. After breakfast we finished picking up Owen’s party stuff and went home to prepare for the big night. We had friends and family over later for the party and it was pretty fun. Owen was happy with all of his new stuff. He got a bike, a cool zoo toy, some books, puzzles, clothes, and cars.

Always something fun going on at church and yesterday was no exception. The place was packed and we kicked things off with “I Love Rock and Roll” and the band moved right into some great worship music. The curtains closed and a few announcements were given and then a cameo appearance from DEVO …

Simply hilarious. I saw more camera phones pop up during the services then ever before. Pastor Bryson brought an awesome message and challenged us to begin to truly live like no one else. After service Rachel and I headed to our Financial Peace University group. We are pumped for this group, we are excited about the people in the group and look forward to making some awesome friends. After the group, we headed off to THE BASH. What an amazing night of great food, music, and a powerful time of baptisms. We had folks get up from the crowd and ask to be baptized. We witnessed God move in a powerful way!

It was a good weekend…I am exhausted.



One thought on “Weekend Wrap-up

  1. tom says:

    oh wow. looks like you’re keeping things interesting at gp. you don’t know how badly i wish that was andy up there! he’d never hear the end of it!

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