Friday Thoughts…

I have found a new favorite drink. Dublin Dr. Pepper. It is made with pure cane sugar. My aunt lives near the place where they bottle it and brought up some last time she was in town. It is sweeter and in glass bottles. Nice.

School started this week. It is going to be a long semester unless I get my stuff organized. The Remember the Milk program has come in super handy for this. It is just an online to-do list, but I can pull it off at work or at home. Again, nice.

We have started using Google Docs at work. It has been a great tool for us as a few of us on staff work off of a mac. It is just an easy way to access documents.

I am waiting for my Obama text. I have honestly not decided on who I will vote for … I think the whole texting thing is pretty cool though.

I am afraid of a ton of stuff – small spaces, my wife jumping out from around the corner, drowning, and heights…so looking at this freaks me out.


Owen turned two yesterday. He had to sit in “time out” for a while. What a sucky birthday gift from dad? His party is tomorrow – we have a pretty cool gift for him – and know of another gift he is getting too.

This could be cool for downtown Wichita…if it lasts. It’s coming to the Waterwalk.

I don’t think I like ketchup as much as I used to. Just a random thought – sorry.


4 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts…

  1. Really about the Red Rooster? I never pegged you as a country bar kind of guy. Anything that lasts in the Waterwalk would be great. It would be great to get more than Gander Mountain there.

  2. jimryanjackson says:

    HOLY COW! I just told Kristi last night that I realize I hate the smell of ketchup. I’ll still eat it but now it is tainted. Do you think something is going on in the Ketchup/Catsup industry?

    You know what else scares you? Like realllllllly scares you? VACUUMS! That sucks.

  3. Brian says:

    You are good dad. A really good dad. And Rachel is a really good mom.

  4. […] on Stanley, and he is half Stanley’s size. Unfortunately, Ollie likes to kill our plant. Read Terry’s Friday Thoughts. Eating healthy is hard to do. Apples and Caramel is my new favorite treat. Dark Knight=Best movie […]

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