From Sunday…

This I Love the 80s stuff is a heck of lot more fun than I remembered it! Ha! Here is the music list from Sunday:

Working for the Weekend (the band nailed it! Good job)

We Shine (This is one of my favorite songs)

Break Free (But this is probably my favorite fast one right now)

Salvation is Here (Amy – getting past her 80s hair – is a crazy good singer!)

My Savior My God (Andy – like always – is an amazing worship leader and I witnessed more people experiencing God through this song on Sunday – it was flippin awesome!)

Livin on a Prayer – (hmmm…for your listening AND VIEWING pleasure check out the video Kelly posted below – by the way her husband Jeff is the guy in the gym shorts)

Solid Rock (our church seems to really like this song – and it doesn’t hurt when PC and the boys are in the house dancing and rapping with it!)

Panama (I think Tommy, Rod, and Gil should move around the stage/auditorium more on a Sunday – Tommy was in his element!)

What an amazing service – not just saying it to cause unnecessary hype – but God showed up and we had a ton of fun.

As promised … here is the video that caused a small riot at GracePoint on Sunday morning.


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