Gearing up for what’s going to be a pretty fun series, I started thinking about what I was doing in 1985. I shared on Sunday that I was young then – I actually would have been 5 years old. So I pretty much filled my day watching first-run episodes of Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Reading Rainbow, etc. I played with Hot Wheels and begging my mom for the latest transformer. If I remember right – which I don’t remember at all – New Coke came out this year too. So what were you doing in 1985?

Could be fun to hear…Just to get the conversation started I can tell you what MIke Snow and Pastor Bryson were doing this year…

Our very own Mike Snow was becoming part of the 4A Regional Baseball champs and being a part of the All-League 1st Team. So needless to say, he was a stud (but you can’t tell by the picture that’s him top center)…

And what about our fearless leader – Pastor Bryson? Yep – he appeared to be quite the stud too – being a part of the Chisholm Trail League champion basketball team (he looks pumped to be a part of that team!) …

So what were you doing? Were you in diapers? Were you playing with transformers? Were you a part of a championship sport team? Join the conversation and join us this Sunday as we kick off the I LOVE THE 80s Series!


5 thoughts on “1985

  1. jimryanjackson says:

    I was born. So I probably had a wide array of bodily functions happening that year.

  2. brianpjackson says:

    Is it just me, or does Bryson look like Brad Kirk?

  3. Kim P says:

    ACK!!!!!! Well, I really don’t see it, Brian, except that he’s got that “Well, aren’t I a cool dude” expression on his face. :)

  4. Andrea A. says:

    In 1985 I was 10 years old. I was in fourth grade, Mrs. Bledsoe’s class and dreamed of being an astronaut. I had a Michael Jackson action figure complete with sparkling glove. My walls were covered with posters of Kirk Cameron,Johnny Depp and other teen heart-throbs. Yes, I am so old JOHNNY DEPP was a teen heart-throb!!!!!!!!!

  5. Eron says:

    I was a fat little baby

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