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The reason…

This past week my heart and eyes have been open to something that has truly changed my thinking. We have seen something awesome begin to take place at GracePoint that, to me, is truly profound. We have a little over half of our adults that regularly attend GracePoint involved in a 13-week Financial Peace series.  A series that teaches people to handle the money that God has blessed them with in a wise way. I believe God blesses those who are wise with their money and I believe that God is getting ready to do something amazing within the lives and families at GracePoint.

We had a baptism service this past week where we baptized 22 people and a few of those were not planning on doing so when they came to the service.

We are seeing more people attend our services than ever before and dozens of people are making a commitment to follow God for the rest of their life weekly.

We are hearing stories of marriages being restored, people leaving addictions, leaving dark pasts, and becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.

God is doing something at GracePoint and it is unbelievable.

It is these stories that we can use to explain to people the reason we “do church” the way we do. We are creating a relevant environment for people to connect with God on a personal level and that is amazing.

“brighter than any light on a stage – is the illumination of a soul
more beautiful than a harmony sung – is a song placed on a heart in need
more powerful than a message spoken i- s a truth heard
these are the reasons for the lights, for the music, for the message



Thursday Thoughts

I am looking forward to church this Sunday – if you are in town – you’ve got to be there. It’s gonna be cool – seriously – we are ending the I Love the 80s series, the way it should be. Bring your video camera too – might be worth getting some video.

This local advertising agency has some good thoughts on marketing to men. They seem to be doing alright in this area. This is good stuff. It is hard to get men to come to church – maybe we can learn from this group.

I have asked for a lot for my birthday that is coming up soon. I am not really greedy, I just am throwing out ideas to my wife, Rachel. This camera is pretty darn amazing in itself.

Speaking of cameras – this video is pretty cool it is shot at 1000fps (frames per second) over a duration of 4 seconds with a Phantom HD…(via kenwilson).

I watch too much TV.

I’ve posted about this before – but I still think The Girl Effect is an amazing concept, project, and cause. I think it tells a very powerful story.

Ready for Labor Day?

Go Miniman GO!

Ronnie had a cool post today with Legos. I love Legos – definitely reminds me of being a kid. If Owen doesn’t like Legos I will be disappointed.

I found this today – it is pretty cool. I will take a t-shirt for my birthday…maybe.

Weekend Wrap-up

I had a fun-filled, crazy busy weekend. Here are the highlights …

Spent the morning with Owen, the afternoon taking a nap, and the evening driving around town picking up some last minute stuff for Owen’s birthday party. While out east, we ate at Jimmie’s Diner. I forgot how affordable the place actually was. I guess I just assumed that anything on Rock Road is expensive. After eating we caught some fly-by entertainment of the Aviation Festival just a few miles away. Not only did Owen think it was simply awesome, but I was pretty impressed myself…we might actually pay to get in next year and check it out.

We all woke up early and headed to Panera. That is our weekly tradition and stick to it most weeks, unless something happens or we are in the mood for greasy food. After breakfast we finished picking up Owen’s party stuff and went home to prepare for the big night. We had friends and family over later for the party and it was pretty fun. Owen was happy with all of his new stuff. He got a bike, a cool zoo toy, some books, puzzles, clothes, and cars.

Always something fun going on at church and yesterday was no exception. The place was packed and we kicked things off with “I Love Rock and Roll” and the band moved right into some great worship music. The curtains closed and a few announcements were given and then a cameo appearance from DEVO …

Simply hilarious. I saw more camera phones pop up during the services then ever before. Pastor Bryson brought an awesome message and challenged us to begin to truly live like no one else. After service Rachel and I headed to our Financial Peace University group. We are pumped for this group, we are excited about the people in the group and look forward to making some awesome friends. After the group, we headed off to THE BASH. What an amazing night of great food, music, and a powerful time of baptisms. We had folks get up from the crowd and ask to be baptized. We witnessed God move in a powerful way!

It was a good weekend…I am exhausted.


Friday Thoughts…

I have found a new favorite drink. Dublin Dr. Pepper. It is made with pure cane sugar. My aunt lives near the place where they bottle it and brought up some last time she was in town. It is sweeter and in glass bottles. Nice.

School started this week. It is going to be a long semester unless I get my stuff organized. The Remember the Milk program has come in super handy for this. It is just an online to-do list, but I can pull it off at work or at home. Again, nice.

We have started using Google Docs at work. It has been a great tool for us as a few of us on staff work off of a mac. It is just an easy way to access documents.

I am waiting for my Obama text. I have honestly not decided on who I will vote for … I think the whole texting thing is pretty cool though.

I am afraid of a ton of stuff – small spaces, my wife jumping out from around the corner, drowning, and heights…so looking at this freaks me out.


Owen turned two yesterday. He had to sit in “time out” for a while. What a sucky birthday gift from dad? His party is tomorrow – we have a pretty cool gift for him – and know of another gift he is getting too.

This could be cool for downtown Wichita…if it lasts. It’s coming to the Waterwalk.

I don’t think I like ketchup as much as I used to. Just a random thought – sorry.

Happy Birthday Owen…

Two years ago this morning – my world was rocked. He wasn’t supposed to come into the world until October, but he was a little eager to see us. Owen was born on August 21st, 2006 after a pretty crazy morning in the hospital. He was 3 pounds. He lived in the NICU and Special Care nursery for about a month. It was a wild ride, but I remember how much love I had for that kid – and it kept growing and growing. My goodness! He is two years old today and is talking, throwing fits, throwing spoons, getting in things he is not supposed to, eats mud, and still pees in his pants (still in diapers although he is well on his way to quitting that). He is the best thing that has happened to me since getting married to Rachel 7 years ago. I am honored to be his dad.

From Sunday…

This I Love the 80s stuff is a heck of lot more fun than I remembered it! Ha! Here is the music list from Sunday:

Working for the Weekend (the band nailed it! Good job)

We Shine (This is one of my favorite songs)

Break Free (But this is probably my favorite fast one right now)

Salvation is Here (Amy – getting past her 80s hair – is a crazy good singer!)

My Savior My God (Andy – like always – is an amazing worship leader and I witnessed more people experiencing God through this song on Sunday – it was flippin awesome!)

Livin on a Prayer – (hmmm…for your listening AND VIEWING pleasure check out the video Kelly posted below – by the way her husband Jeff is the guy in the gym shorts)

Solid Rock (our church seems to really like this song – and it doesn’t hurt when PC and the boys are in the house dancing and rapping with it!)

Panama (I think Tommy, Rod, and Gil should move around the stage/auditorium more on a Sunday – Tommy was in his element!)

What an amazing service – not just saying it to cause unnecessary hype – but God showed up and we had a ton of fun.

As promised … here is the video that caused a small riot at GracePoint on Sunday morning.

I’ll still pray for him…

A while back I posted about this amazing song on the latest Hillsong album called Healer. It was amazing because not only was God using it to speak to thousands of people, but the author of the song was dying of terminal cancer…News hit the blogosphere that the back story was all a hoax. Apparently Michael Guglielmucci was lying to everyone about the story … even his family. It sucks. I prayed for his healing and I will continue to pray for his emotional healing. You can read about it more here.

Linked Up…

Have seen a lot of stuff to share about on the net these past few days and instead of trying to make an original post out of each one – here are most of them …

This ad is pretty funny. No matter what side you are on – it is funny….and I love BOY MEETS WORLD. Yep that was Sean from the show.

THIS didn’t take long to surface. Ridiculous.

Tom threw a good a music video up on his blog this week. Pretty tight.

NBC tends to pick up some pretty funny foreign sitcoms. This one looks pretty good.

My good friend Brian has a weird fascination with birds. It’s cool I guess – he knows a ton of info about them. This is for him.

Have a good day.

On the side

Was able to hang out with some good friends the other day as we all got together to watch the Olympics. Which, by the way, have been pretty amazing. I am just hoping I do not get too bored with track this next week. It was fun to hang out with some of these friends because, as of recent, we haven’t really done much with them. It is always fun to catch up, to talk about life, and to laugh as we make fun of stuff. The hard part, sometimes for me, is that a lot of people want to talk about church or find their common topic in the fact that I work at church. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me, and it is usually fun to just share stories and the other night was no different.

In conversation with one of my friends, I was really challenged again through the life of Jesus. I wish constantly that there was more of the nominal stuff of Jesus in the Bible. I wonder sometimes if the religious “consultants” who were picking and choosing the stuff we have in our Bible thought that some of Jesus’ normal life was unimportant. I always try to imagine what some of Jesus’ side conversations were, what he talked about right before bed, or during dinner. Surely he didn’t always talk about the Kingdom, his ministry, etc. Maybe he did – and that is cool – but I wrestle with the fact that most likely there were times where Jesus talked about carpentry, stuff that made him laugh, stuff that ticked him off.

Jesus was human. Jesus was simple. I think too many times Christians make Jesus out to be more complicated than he truly was.