We have been having fun at kids camp this week. I have enjoyed stopping in during the afternoon and leading chapel times for the kids. This has been probably one of the most responsive groups of kids we have had at Camp – and the cool thing is that they know their stuff. It gets me pumped that we have a group of kids being raised up to be radically devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

We have been talking about what it means to SHINE – we have asked the question to the kids – “How does your light shine?” and last night we talked about enlisting the help of the Holy Spirit to have our light SHINE. It has been an amazing experience to see these kids “get it”

Pray for us tonight. TONIGHT the kids will be thinking about the things that hinder their light from shining – maybe it is lying, cheating, looking at stuff they are not supposed to, doing things they are not supposed to, even disobeying their parents – and tonight we are going to “give those things to God” and re-commit our lives to SHINE bright for God.

We want to make sure these kids go home excited about church


One thought on “SHiNE

  1. Kristi says:

    It was nice to see you and Rachel at camp this week! You did a really great job. Do you miss being a children’s pastor sometimes?

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