Let’s join him…

Skimming through some blogs over the weekend and noticed that Wade Joye over at Elevation Church became a dad a little earlier than thought. You can read about his amazing blessing here. His girls came about 3 months early. When I read this, I was instantly reminded of the rush of emotions that came upon Rachel and I when Owen decided to join us earlier than we were expecting too. The time in the hospital was hard, we met some amazing people, but there were things that were much different than many of the normal delivery stories you hear. So I have been following Wade’s story over the past couple of days and he is asking for prayer. We saw some amazing stuff happen with Owen’s life during those weeks in the hospital and I am confident that with our prayers Wade can too.

Now, I don’t know Wade personally, however I was able to meet several of the Elevation staff while I was at C3 at Fellowship Church a few months ago and they are the most down-to-earth guys I have ever met. When they are probably the fastest growing church in the country right now and should be holding their own conferences, they are so eager to learn, and experience God in new ways.

I am praying for Wade’s family this week – will you join me?


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