Thoughts…and links.

Craig Groeschel from is bringing the message this week at GracePoint. It should be pretty cool – I am pumped to be a part of this series with 1500 other churches in the world.

Wife is off to a baby shower tonight…what am I going to do? Plan on watching this…

You should join the conversation about GracePoint over on our fanpage on Facebook.

Been spending my extra time reading a couple of books – Church Unique (really nice book) and Change Agents (very quick and easy read – actually on my second run through).

Think I am going to go pick up a new phone for Father’s Day. Probably not this one – but something cool. I don’t need anything fancy (although it would be nice) I just need something that functions and is not 2-years old.

Pace over at Fellowship wrote a short blog but very challenging the other day. Some of those things need to be tattooed to my hand. By the way – I think I want a tattoo.

Had a bagel-ful this morning. It tastes like a frozen pretzel with strawberry cream cheese. It wasn’t very good. Owen had strawberry oatmeal – he liked it.

The rain – seriously – will it ever stop?


One thought on “Thoughts…and links.

  1. Will Mancini says:

    Saw your reference to church unique. I hope you like book and would covet your thoughts as you move through it.

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