Who’s watching us?

Ed, our media pastor, handed me some pretty amazing statistics today. For quite some time, we have been posting our messages online and recently even made the transition into an internet campus where our videos are streaming live on Sunday morning, then archived on our site for about 6 months. So last month who was watching us?

15 people from Japan, 13 from New Zealand, 12 from Canada, a couple from Bolivia, Korea, Philippines, and Sweden!

Metro Areas:
66 from Portland, 38 from Topeka, 20 from St. Louis and Denver. People from all over Texas, California, and from about every large metro area in the country checking us out.

Our Love God Love People series was the most watched online last month and our baptism highlight video was also pretty high in views.

This is flippin amazing! As we sit and dream about being a church that reaches Wichita, we are actually becoming a church that is literally reaching the world!


2 thoughts on “Who’s watching us?

  1. That is AMAZING!!
    God works through us in unimaginable ways; but it also has to be contributed to the great people at Grace Point, whom through word of mouth (the best advertising) have consistently promoted the website and how awesome our church is!

  2. […] Gracepoint Church (Wichita, KS) has an Internet Campus Connect with live-streamed videos on Sundays 9:30am + 11:00am (Central). [ht: Terry Johnson] […]

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