Hockey and Sunday Mornings

I used to play hockey back in the day. I got out of it because I broke a guy’s arm – long story that I will save for another post or a message illustration sometime. I loved the sport every bit of it. I loved the fact that you got sweaty – really really sweaty. I loved the fact that it was rough. I loved the fact that it was fast. AND I loved the fact that you had to work together as a team in order to win the game. Every bit of the sport is pretty awesome and someday I will have to pick it up again maybe with Owen.

I remember a lot of times my team would win a game and were stoked at the end, but during our debriefing time, our coach would occasionally rip into us for not playing our best.

Ministry is like that a lot. Sometimes we can leave on Sundays knowing that we all did a great job, exhausted from the full day, excited about the life change that took place.

But SOMETIMES we can leave cranked up for what God has done and is going to do. Today was one of those days (for me). Bryson brought it this morning with one of the best messages I have ever heard him preach. Once it is online I will let you guys know. He challenged us to make our prayer to be a church that is unstoppable. He challenged us to get off our butts and do something for God’s kingdom.

Not only did the message rock, but the worship was pretty stinkin solid too.

I am so blessed to be a part of a church that cares for the unchurched and to be in a place where I can truly connect with God on a personal level.

It was a great morning at GP.


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