Do you ever tell yourself a joke when no one else is around and laugh really hard at it? I do all the time! What about talk out conversations to yourself in the car? – yeah I am weird!

I am finding that the “fun” part of ministry is working through changes. All of my life I have resisted change or even tried to avoid it … looking over my career in ministry, though, the greatest moments happened after change – that makes me embrace change!

OnePrayer starts this weekend – I am pretty pumped for it – It’s gonna be good. Check out the website for the online community of nearly 750,000 other people in the world.

Last night Owen got sick – his vomit flew at least 1-2 feet out of his mouth – very gross. His butt was on fire too (gotta love that feeling). We are narrowing the cause to one thing – teeth.

Had one of those REAL GOD moments – you know – it is one of those instances where you have been questioning some of the things happening in your life and praying about it and then you get an obvious answer – take a moment with me. Because of Owen’s diaper rash I had to get the ingredients to a homemade butt paste – Maalox, Desitin, and … Vagisil. Yep this stuff works like magic. It is the closest thing I have found to mud made from spit and dirt. Anyways last time I had to get this I ran into a friend of mine at the store. Last night, I hadn’t seen them in a while but had been thinking about them – A LOT and thought to myself it would be funny if I saw them – but what would I say in regards to their situation – and I felt like God gave me the conversation (talking to myself again). As I was leaving – I ran right into this friend and it was such a “divine appointment”. I remember talking to myself in the car on the way home – I can’t believe how God does this – it is truly a faith builder for me.

I can tolerate all of Owen’s shows except – The Wiggles. I just feel bad for those guys.

I know this has been getting a little buzz in the blogworld but it is a pretty B-A commercial!

Los had this one on his page today – too funny not to share.

Rachel and I decided the other day that we need to stop going to franchised restaurants all the time and go to some locally owned joints. So I took her to Brint’s diner and we ate lunch this week at TJ’s burger house. What are your favorite local places?


3 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. I love Ruben’s Mexican Restaurant…Laura’s SuperTortas and Casella’s (Italian food). For Chinese we get China Express on Central near 235. Yummy!

  2. Karin says:

    You and Rachel would probably like Clear Lakes up on 21st.

    Bella Luna is one of my faves and it is locally owned.

  3. Donny says:

    N&J’s, Delano BBQ, Marchello’s, Luciano’s (In Mulvane) are a couple of mine.

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