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Elevation Church latest release

Downloaded Elevation Church‘s latest album today – We Are Alive. It looks like it is going to be on Itunes soon, but I couldn’t wait so I picked it up over at digstation. Like all new cds it takes a few listens to get the feel of it, I am currently on round 4 or 5 (I can’t remember). Probably one of the better downloads for me in quite some time. They are very talented individuals and seeing some great things happening at their church. If you have 10 bucks to spare – I would recommend picking it up. For all of you local folks – they do a pretty tight remix to Rich Mullin’s Awesome God.



Sometimes it takes one sentence to challenge me to the core…

“What you do reveals what you believe about God regardless of what you say.”

Let’s join him…

Skimming through some blogs over the weekend and noticed that Wade Joye over at Elevation Church became a dad a little earlier than thought. You can read about his amazing blessing here. His girls came about 3 months early. When I read this, I was instantly reminded of the rush of emotions that came upon Rachel and I when Owen decided to join us earlier than we were expecting too. The time in the hospital was hard, we met some amazing people, but there were things that were much different than many of the normal delivery stories you hear. So I have been following Wade’s story over the past couple of days and he is asking for prayer. We saw some amazing stuff happen with Owen’s life during those weeks in the hospital and I am confident that with our prayers Wade can too.

Now, I don’t know Wade personally, however I was able to meet several of the Elevation staff while I was at C3 at Fellowship Church a few months ago and they are the most down-to-earth guys I have ever met. When they are probably the fastest growing church in the country right now and should be holding their own conferences, they are so eager to learn, and experience God in new ways.

I am praying for Wade’s family this week – will you join me?

Thursday thoughts

We had a pretty nice staff meeting yesterday. We decided to move it to the afternoon and have it off-site. Off-site meetings seemed to really fit me better. The cool part was that we decided on Larry Knott’s (our Administrative Pastor) pool as the location. We were able to sit, float, swim and still have (somewhat of) a productive meeting….I got sunburned – on the top of my feet. That is the worse place to have it too.

Tony Morgan had something cool on his site the other day. He linked to a little page called Moodstream. Like he says – don’t try to figure it out. It’s kind of cool.

This week I broke the faucet in my bathroom…instead of replacing the faucet, I decided to replace the faucet, sink, and vanity. It was a much needed upgrade to our house. We live in a house that was built in 1951 and we are the second owners. It is fun because everything we are doing is really the first upgrade. Home projects are fun when they go the right way.

If I played professional sports I would want to live in Boston – Go Celtics! – unless I played baseball then Wrigleyville of course!

As much as I love Apple computers – this is pretty amazing!

Saw that Andy posted a mastered version of Everything to Me – a song he played a few weeks back for offering at GracePoint. If you have a myspace you should download it!

Went to dinner with some good friends we hadn’t seen in a while. It is good to catch up, and just hear how life is going with each other. I am so thankful for the friendships that have stood time. God made us to be relational.

Thinking about going here makes me pretty happy. It’s happening in just a few short weeks.

Now that my feet is sweating from the sunburn – let’s call it quits!

Owen on stage…

As promised (primarily for my fam…) here is a picture of Owen on stage. He’s a pretty cute kid.

Sunday debrief

One of the things I like about my position at GracePoint is the fact that I work with a team of individuals that help make the stuff on Sunday morning happen. Our goal is to make those “things” happen well. I like the Sundays where we are able to see the problems, fix them, and execute an experience where the average Steve (Joe is an over-used name) leaves thinking the service was flawless. I like to think of this process as proof to how God uses our gifts to make the church run.

Today was one of those days where we were able to identify problems and fix them – some sooner than others, but as I shut the door to my Explorer on my way home I thought to myself “Today was a great day”. So here are my highlights in no particular order.

  1. It was one of those Sundays where the music was “fun”. I even broke out of my shell a bit and danced on stage – just wait for the real moves one day. To get a complete set-list check out this virb site (thanks Ronnie for updating this).
  2. Owen came up on stage with me for the announcements. He did good. Maybe I will post a pic later on this week.
  3. Craig Groeshel from brought the message. He is by far one of the best communicators I have ever heard. Hilarious!
  4. Had an awesome lunch after church. Diakonos Brotherhood ministries provided it in honor of the dad’s. It was one of the best opportunities for community we have had at GracePoint in a while. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to people I only see in passing on the weekends. It was great.
  5. I realized how awesome it is to be a part of this church.

Thoughts…and links.

Craig Groeschel from is bringing the message this week at GracePoint. It should be pretty cool – I am pumped to be a part of this series with 1500 other churches in the world.

Wife is off to a baby shower tonight…what am I going to do? Plan on watching this…

You should join the conversation about GracePoint over on our fanpage on Facebook.

Been spending my extra time reading a couple of books – Church Unique (really nice book) and Change Agents (very quick and easy read – actually on my second run through).

Think I am going to go pick up a new phone for Father’s Day. Probably not this one – but something cool. I don’t need anything fancy (although it would be nice) I just need something that functions and is not 2-years old.

Pace over at Fellowship wrote a short blog but very challenging the other day. Some of those things need to be tattooed to my hand. By the way – I think I want a tattoo.

Had a bagel-ful this morning. It tastes like a frozen pretzel with strawberry cream cheese. It wasn’t very good. Owen had strawberry oatmeal – he liked it.

The rain – seriously – will it ever stop?

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Who’s watching us?

Ed, our media pastor, handed me some pretty amazing statistics today. For quite some time, we have been posting our messages online and recently even made the transition into an internet campus where our videos are streaming live on Sunday morning, then archived on our site for about 6 months. So last month who was watching us?

15 people from Japan, 13 from New Zealand, 12 from Canada, a couple from Bolivia, Korea, Philippines, and Sweden!

Metro Areas:
66 from Portland, 38 from Topeka, 20 from St. Louis and Denver. People from all over Texas, California, and from about every large metro area in the country checking us out.

Our Love God Love People series was the most watched online last month and our baptism highlight video was also pretty high in views.

This is flippin amazing! As we sit and dream about being a church that reaches Wichita, we are actually becoming a church that is literally reaching the world!

Hockey and Sunday Mornings

I used to play hockey back in the day. I got out of it because I broke a guy’s arm – long story that I will save for another post or a message illustration sometime. I loved the sport every bit of it. I loved the fact that you got sweaty – really really sweaty. I loved the fact that it was rough. I loved the fact that it was fast. AND I loved the fact that you had to work together as a team in order to win the game. Every bit of the sport is pretty awesome and someday I will have to pick it up again maybe with Owen.

I remember a lot of times my team would win a game and were stoked at the end, but during our debriefing time, our coach would occasionally rip into us for not playing our best.

Ministry is like that a lot. Sometimes we can leave on Sundays knowing that we all did a great job, exhausted from the full day, excited about the life change that took place.

But SOMETIMES we can leave cranked up for what God has done and is going to do. Today was one of those days (for me). Bryson brought it this morning with one of the best messages I have ever heard him preach. Once it is online I will let you guys know. He challenged us to make our prayer to be a church that is unstoppable. He challenged us to get off our butts and do something for God’s kingdom.

Not only did the message rock, but the worship was pretty stinkin solid too.

I am so blessed to be a part of a church that cares for the unchurched and to be in a place where I can truly connect with God on a personal level.

It was a great morning at GP.