Be a good neighbor

Friday is my day off. I get to spend time with Owen – today I have been spending time on the internet because Owen has learned how to watch TV … okay just kidding … sort of… we are outside. He is finding bugs while I surf around. Had some more thoughts today that I had to share…Maybe someday I will actually post some content-worthy stuff.

Is it okay to mow the yard at 6:30 in the morning? Don’t know? Go ask my neighbor who was up doing it this morning…In Mike Snow fashion…”I would like to punch him in the throat”. It might have been a woman, but I don’t know and I wouldn’t hit women. There is some definite neighborhood etiquette that should be followed. My suggestions:

  1. Don’t call your neighbor before 8am or after 8pm unless their house is burning down or a tornado is coming and you would like to share their basement.
  2. Same hours apply to housework outdoors – maybe mowing a little before 8 is okay – but 6 flippin thirty in the morning – that’s RIDIC! Same goes with construction, saws, jackhammers, cranes, etc. Maybe you could let them know the day before that this is going on and warn them.
  3. If your car has bass or a loud muffler – move to an apartment complex. We move to a neighborhood for peace and quiet – not to listen to your car in the morning.
  4. If you are going to have a party and not invite me – cancel it.
  5. Wave at least once a week.
  6. Don’t send me letters saying you are wanting money for a cause. I don’t know you and even though you are older than my grandpa – I probably won’t give you money…would you give me money. Yeah didn’t think so.
  7. If you are going to landscape…seek advice. Pampas grass is stupid so don’t use it. Bradford Pear trees are going to break – so save your money, and zeroscaping your yard so you don’t have to mow is going to kill your resale value. Just a few thoughts.
  8. Does your dog run really need to be closer to my house than yours?
  9. Introduce yourself several times. They are definitely going to forget your name.
  10. If you wouldn’t take your shirt off at the pool – don’t do it when mowing.

That’s all for now – Owen is eating bugs. Have anything to add?


2 thoughts on “Be a good neighbor

  1. Mike Snow says:

    Thanks a lot Terry. My yard has two bradford pears and 8, yes 8 pampas grass. I am officially taking you off my list for 2009 members in my Landscaping and Bird Watching Club.

  2. mandoron says:

    I used to own a 79 Corvette with fairly loud exhuast. In the winter, it would rev up pretty high until it warmed up.

    I used to feel bad for my neighbors when I’d leave for work early in the morning. Their bedroom window was about 15 feet from the garage.

    Maybe it was payback for calling the police about my dog barking…

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