Thursday Thoughts

  • I am freaked out today. I have seen the same aquatic painted truck twice today on different sides of town. I am thinking there is only one old Mazda truck with a dolphin painted on it. Either they are FBI, a hitman, or just work and live by me but it is weird.
  • One Prayer starts next Sunday. It is going to be awesome to be able to join over 1100 other churches and nearly 750,000 other people in the same series to help bring unity to the church.
  • Go to to vote for a couple of your favorite movies from the past year…we want NEED your input!
  • Saw this the other day…what a cool way to transform something so ordinary into something so expensive.
  • My tree hasn’t collapsed with all of the storms this past week…fingers are still crossed…
  • Joshua Blankenship summed up my thoughts here. I am assuming he is talking about this one.
  • This is why I stopped using drugs in Middle School…(okay I never started). Thanks Matt Brunk!
  • Mike and I were having an at-length discussion the other day about how much we enjoy the early Summer weather and he invited me over to his house to enjoy the newly manicured yard and expensive lawn furniture that he picked up. This is what I saw when I drove up to his driveway.

Alright folks…have a great afternoon!


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