I am pumped for this weekend’s service. If you are in or near the Wichita area this Sunday – you need to check out at least one of our services. The music will be great, we will have a painter on stage painting during worship, and Mike is going to bring it. If you haven’t been to church in a while – this is the week to get here.

I love working at GracePoint. Our team is a tight group and there is a genuine care for each other. Working in church is hard but GP is a great environment to be in.

I am tired of picking up tree limbs out of my yard. Maybe if I would get someone to “clean-up” these trees it wouldn’t be a big deal but I can’t justify dropping close to a $1000 on trees when I could buy a tank of gas for that price.

The Grey’s Anatomy finale was pretty good. It has been a while since I watched it and actually got a little nervous. Yes, like Mike says, I have this strange fear of death. I hope I die in my sleep. I couldn’t imagine hearing a doctor tell me they were nervous or there is a potential that I would never wake up. I need to make a bucket list.

Rachel says that the American Idol finale (which she hates) is like a cooler choir concert – which means it is still lame….I didn’t know George Michael was still alive.

I have loved checking in each day on Pace Hartfield’s posts. Fellowship definitely is doing something right and this is a nice way to get a peak inside of their planning.

I saw a fight the other day…a real fist fight….(do you have a minute). A guy on a motorcycle cut a guy in an old Honda off by switching lanes. The Honda, which was in front of me, had to slam on their brakes. The Honda driver (we will call him Mr. Crazy) kept speeding up and slamming on his brakes in attempts to freak the guy out – it didn’t so when the one lane road finally went to two, Mr. Crazy got up and started chewing out Mr. calm motorcycle dude. By this time everyone was watching in the comfort of their cars and just thankful they weren’t on the bike. Mr. Calm decide to pull of into Kinko’s parking lot and the Honda, cut all of us off to follow. We were stuck at the light and about 7 of us were watching. Right before Mr. Calm walked into the store Mr. Crazy started yelling and getting into his face and then threw a punch. About then all of us reached for our phones to call (the police, our wives, or get a picture). I decided to let the guy die and I drove on to lunch with my lovely wife.

My wife says I eat when I am bored. I say I eat when I am hungry. She is probably right, from the looks of things – I am bored a lot.

Have a good Memorial Day!


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