Thursday Thoughts (a day late)

• I am so proud. Owen – my son loves chocolate milk. Don’t tell my wife! That just made my week.

• I spent 70 bucks on gas the other day. It is freaking ridiculous. I look around when I am at the gas station to talk to someone about it and just complain because I know they are thinking the same thing I am, but they all kind of just stare at the pump like zombies. Gas stations are weird places.

• My tree was cleaned up – now we wait nervously until the arborist comes to check it out. We think there is a weak side in it that might end up falling on our neighbor’s house. That would suck.

Mike offered up a challenge last Sunday and has been walking it out this week. It has been quite the buzz in the office this week. We want to as passionate about seeing people come to know Christ and get connected at a church like those that started the church 4 years ago.

• We are starting a new series Sunday – Canvas. I am pretty excited about it. We are going to have artists on stage throughout the series. We are still looking for some for June 1st if you are interested let me know.

• I love the RiverFestival. We are going tonight to the block party to see the band play and eat our weight in fried crap. It tastes good though!

• We found a bunny nest – well Britain (our dog) found it – in our backyard last week. We have about 100 rabbits in our backyard so new bunnies aren’t very uncommon – however our dog caught one and brought it up to the back door. We put it back (without touching it) and kind of put one of Owen’s slide thingy’s over it where the dog can’t get to them, but the momma bunny could. Yesterday we noticed that 3 of the 4 bunnies were dead. Kinda sad – but I have to remember – they are rodents!

• We are still looking for you favorite movie that came out in the last year. Let me know yours!

• Owen wants more chocolate milk – thata kid!

• In case you haven’t seen it – this is cool. It goes quite well with our canvas series coming up.


One thought on “Thursday Thoughts (a day late)

  1. t. jackson says:

    chocolate milk! chocolate milk! chocolate milk! chocolate milk!

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