Thursday Thoughts

Last night I thought to myself – this week has dragged on! This afternoon I realized – it’s Thursday!

  • The nice rain storm left about an inch of water in my garage and half of my tree in my front yard yesterday. That was nice to deal with.
  • We are gearing up for RiverFestival this next week. We are involved with 3 events – we have a float in the parade tomorrow, our band is playing at the Block Party next Friday night, and they also have an awesome location for a concert before the fireworks next Saturday. If anyone is down there during these events, you should hunt down this guy – tell him you know me and he will give you some really cool stuff.
  • I have a good friend who is finally graduating from college in the next week or so. It is weird that he is done, but it is awesome that he is doing some amazing stuff for the Kingdom. Jim you rock – congrats man!
  • Picked up a great book yesterday from the Library – The Ten Faces of Innovation – so far so good. Thanks Tricia!
  • I have decided that I like vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup more than I like just regular chocolate ice cream. It was a breakthru week!
  • I tried the BBQ place I mentioned a few weeks ago. The meat was good – the rest was pretty mediocre. Bubba’s Nekked Barbeque is one of those places where you at least have to try twice to see if you REALLY like it. I think next time we are going to order just the meat to go.
  • Two songs I am really “digging” – Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis (not a huge fan of the Mariah Cary-like vocals, but the song itself is pretty cool) AND I Will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab.
  • Why is it I always see people yelling at themselves while waiting for the city bus. They are usually really ticked at themselves. I am waiting for the day I see someone beating himself up.
  • Everyone on staff (well with a few exceptions) were gone to conference this week. It has been fun to hear everyone’s experiences. I love the conference buzz – someday when we host a conference here I can be part of helping create the buzz.

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. jimryanjackson says:

    Wow, I am honored that I have finally been mentioned in your blog. I will now go update my blog, which I have boycotted until you mentioned me in your blog, so now it is time to update.

    Check out If you go into the trendy section they have a Shine shirt already made. Justin bought his Mexico Mission trips from this website. They look pretty cool and are pre-made.

    I started reading Pop Goes the Church last night. I spent a good hour and a half on it and I really like it so far. It made me think of GracePoint in a lot of ways. It makes me want to be part of a church like GP or GCC.

    Take care, see ya next saturday!

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