Insights from a dying man (pt.1)

Picked up THE LAST LECTURE by Randy Pausch this weekend and finished it a day later. I never read books this fast, but this one was good. I actually cried a bit in it. For those that have never heard of Randy or his lecture check out the site or the video that started this whole thing. Throughout the book, I found some very impressive insights, both in leadership and just plain life. In Seth Godin-esque form, the chapters are very short and I dog-eared many of the pages in the book. It is a not a book of leadership necessarily, not a Christian devotional, and not necessarily heart-warming – but just challenging. Randy was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and, in short, is going to die soon. The lecture was given in September and has created quite the buzz. I would – if I could – copy many of the pages from the book to help highlight what I learned, but that would take forever. I have to admit that dying before I can experience the fullness of my life freaks me out and there are many nights I can’t fall asleep because I think of it…I honestly think this is where my hypochondriac tendencies come from. This book challenged me to make sure everything I do, I do for purpose.

So what are some of the take aways?

Chapter 13 – Be the REAL YOU – ALL THE TIME
Chapter 23 – Manage your time wisely (more on this later)
Chapter 32 – Don’t Complain, Just Work Hard
Chapter 34 – Don’t Obsess Over What People Think
Chapter 44 – Show Gratitude


One thought on “Insights from a dying man (pt.1)

  1. This guy’s lecture is on YouTube too. It’s a great, wonderfully truthful commentary.

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