I am closing in on the end of my semester – actually should be completing a final – but (obviously) I am not. So in Terry-esque fashion, had some thoughts – or as many a pastor likes to call it on Sunday – “Sunday Night Reflections”.

  • My wife is AWESOME…with about everything she does, she does it right. I try to do this, but I also cut corners in a lot of things – even mowing (you should see my yard). Tonight we went grocery shopping – like we normally do on Sunday nights and the original total popped up. It was around $100…then she handed the guy a stack of coupons and our total was dropped to like $60! She saved our family $40 bucks in her weekly coupon cutting and strategic grocery planning. That makes a definite Proverbs 31 wife.
  • Today’s experience was pretty tight…the band did an amazing job with the music. You guys (and ladies) rocked this morning!
  • Brian Jackson debuted this morning and challenged us all with looking at the world and people through God’s eyes. WE ARE HIS PLAN to bring help to the helpless, hope to the hopeless, and life to the lifeless. Thanks bro!
  • Now tonight, while I work on one of my finals, my wife is doing her magic by making cupcakes. She is the best baker in town. Seriously. seriously. no seriously – the BEST!

One thought on “Procrastinating…again

  1. mandoron says:

    I’m not sure I believe you that Rachel is the best baker in town.

    I think you need to prove it to you readers…

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